OHSU Alert

OHSU Emergency Mass Notification System

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The OHSU Emergency Mass Notification System (OHSU ALERT) allows OHSU to notify Portland and\or West Campus students, faculty, staff, and the surrounding campus community, in the event of an emergency by sending a broadcast message via text message, pager, or both.

OHSU Alert is a method of communicating emergency information to a large number of people as quickly as possible. It is not used for non-emergency, routine or spam messages.

OHSU Alert Situations

  • Potential life-threatening situations on campus
  • Building emergencies
  • Campus closings

Message format

Messages will include an OHSU Alert header, a location, some direction about action, and where more information can be found. Messages are deliberately short—80 characters or less—to accommodate most text devices.

  • LOCATION: Messages will include the location they pertain to, using campus and building codes.
  • ACTION: Messages will include some direction (e.g., stay in place, leave, etc).

Example: "OHSU ALERT: Hill Campus: SJH stay in place, lock door until all clear. See Email

This message notifies individuals on the Marquam Hill Campus (HILL) that there is an emergency situation in Sam Jackson Hall (SJH) and indicates that individuals in Sam Jackson Hall should stay where they are and lock their door until the "All Clear" text is received.

  • ACTION | UPDATES: If a situation continues for an extended time, there may be periodic updates sent via OHSU Alert.
  • ACTION | ALL CLEAR: At the conclusion of any incident for which an OHSU Alert message is sent, you will be sent an "All Clear" message.

Example: "OHSU ALERT: Hill Campus: SJH situation resolved. All Clear. See email."

In the example above, the "All Clear" text would indicate the situation was resolved and individuals on Marquam Hill (HILL) in Sam Jackson Hall (SJH) could move around freely.

  • MORE INFORMATION: Most messages will indicate that additional information can be found in email. Receipt time for email messages is dependent on your service provider.

Do not call 911

In the event of an emergency identified by OHSU ALERT, do not call 911 or the Department of Public Safety for more information. 

The communication dispatchers will be busy coordinating the various emergency responders. If you are calling to find out more information, your call may prevent the receipt of information that is helpful and perhaps even life-saving.


OHSU Alert will be tested at least annually. Additional tests may be conducted as part of drills, exercises, or as necessary to selected targeted groups. Any tests will be clearly identified as such in the OHSU ALERT message.

 Example: "OHSU ALERT: This is a test of the OHSU Alert system. No action required."