Returning Students

1. University Sponsored Health Insurance Plan

OHSU requires all eligible students (please check with your individual program) to carry Major Medical and Dental insurance for every day they are here.  Your coverage will begin with the 1st day of the term period in which you are registered. OHSU will enroll you automatically on the PacificSource Insurance plan once you are registered and you will be assessed the associated fees on your student account.  Please review the information about the student insurance plan offered by PacificSource on their website.


2. University Sponsored Health Insurance Plan Waivers

Students who have a previously approved waiver MUST RESUBMIT THEIR WAIVER ONLINE EACH YEAR (FALL TERM) BY THE WAIVER DEADLINE.  The waiver deadline for fall of 15/16 is October 9th.  Waivers that are approved will be good through 9/21/2016.  If you fail to meet this deadline you will be automatically enrolled in the insurance for the entire term period and the premiums will be assessed to your student account.  You will be unable to waive until the next term's waiver period.  Please note, there is a separate waiver for medical and dental.  To learn more about the waiver process for the 15/16 academic year, please visit the student insurance waiver webpage.


3. Enrolling Spouses, Domestic Partners and other Dependents:

Dependent coverage will be available for the 15/16 academic year through PacificSource. Dependent enrollment will be available approximately one month prior to the term start date.  You will not be able to enroll your dependents prior to this. 

To enroll your dependents you will need to do so by phone by contacting Wells Fargo Customer Care at (800) 853-5899 by the deadline EACH TERM THAT COVERAGE IS DESIRED.  You will only be able to enroll dependents for the current term once you are registered and cannot enroll them in future terms. 

Dependent deadlines are in line with waiver and 100% refund deadlines.  Please remember if you choose to insure your dependents, that you must enroll spouses, domestic partners and/or dependent children  EACH TERM by the respective deadline or coverage will terminate at the end of the previous term's coverage  period.   

To learn more about dependent coverage periods and costs, please visit the Student Medical and Dental Insurance webpages. 


Remember to obtain your annual TB test. TB tests can be administered at the JBT Health & Wellness Center at no charge for currently enrolled students.

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