Returning Students

1. University Sponsored Health Insurance Plan

Students who are returning from one year to the next will be automatically enrolled in the University Sponsored Health Insurance as elected by their specific program, barring the credit threshold has been met (as required by certain programs) and a waiver has not been submitted.  If a returning student has changed programs to one that is exempt from the insurance requirement or they are unable to meet a specified credit threshold required to be eligible for insurance, then their insurance will terminate the last day of the month in which they were eligible (for the 14/15 plan year). 

Please contact the JBT Health & Wellness Center at 503.494.8665, option 3,  to inquire about alternative options for insurance.


2. University Sponsored Health Insurance Plan Waivers

Students who have a previously approved waiver MUST RESUBMIT THEIR WAIVER ONLINE EACH YEAR (FALL TERM) BY THE WAIVER DEADLINE.  If you fail to meet this deadline you will be automatically enrolled in the insurance and the premiums will be assessed to your student account.  Waivers submitted after this deadline will be applied to the next academic term. Please refer to your programs start date within the academic calendar. 


3. Enrolling Spouses, Domestic Partners and other Dependents:

Students who are married or who are in a domestic partnership may want to arrange for their spouse or partner to be eligible for services in the JBT Health & Wellness Center and the University Sponsored Health Insurance.  ANNUAL ENROLLMENT IN THE STUDENT PLAN IS REQUIRED TO MAINTAIN COVERAGE.  Open enrollment takes place every Fall term and is done online at Aetna Student Health.  


Remember to obtain your annual TB test. TB tests can be administered at the JBT Health & Wellness Center at no charge for currently enrolled students.

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