Sexual And Reproductive Health

The OHSU Joseph B. Trainer Health & Wellness Center can assist you with all of your family planning needs in a confidential and convenient setting on campus.

We perform well woman exams (STI and cancer screening), as well as male exams. Contraceptive counseling and management is available and our clinic can provide both the Paraguard and Mirena IUD. The cost of each screening test and birth control method is dependent on one's insurance coverage, but we can help you select a cost-effective method that is right for you. In addition, we can send screening tests such as HIV, Hep C and syphilis to the state lab to save you time and money.

 Other services include:

  • Urine pregnancy testing
  • Preconception counseling and early prenatal care
  • Options counseling
  • Diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infections, including the management of herpes, HPV, and molluscum lesions
  • HPV vaccination for both men and women (covered through age 26 under the Aetna University Sponsored Health Insurance Plan, variable coverage with other insurance plans)

We work with each patient on an individual basis.  If we cannot provide a service that you need, we will assist you in finding an alternate service provider in the community. In some cases, depending upon your particular insurance plan, it may be more cost-effective to seek services at Planned Parenthood or the Multnomah County STD Clinic.  The JBT Health & Wellness Center can help direct you to the most cost-effective service provider as needed.

Contraceptive Drugs and Devices Resources

  • IUD costs with Aetna Student Health Insurance- FREE  Mirena and Paraguard IUD device and insertion is covered by the Aetna Student Health Insurance.
  • IUD costs without Aetna Student Health Insurance-Mirena IUD $319 or Paraguard IUD $245
  • Vasectomy at JBT despite insurance- FREE
The JBT Health & Wellness Center does not bill outside insurance carriers. It is your responsibility to obtain the necessary paperwork to submit to your insurer for reimbursement if this is an eligible benefit under your plan. We are happy to assist with any supplemental documentation needed for reimbursement purposes.

For a complete list of covered contraceptive drugs and devices, please review the Aetna 2014 Women's Contraceptive Drugs and Devices List - View PDF