Travel Medicine

Travel Medicine

We offer consultation for pre and post-travel related services for those traveling to less developed areas of the world where certain serious health conditions may prevail.

The consultations for pre-travel and post-travel evaluation of illness are offered without charge. Recommended travel related vaccinations and prophylactic medications are not covered by the JBT Health & Wellness Center or most insurance companies. This means that you will be charged for all travel-related vaccinations and prophylactic medication. As many vaccines and medications needed prior to overseas travel require advance treatment to be effective, please be sure to schedule any pre-travel related appointment weeks to months in advance.

Travel Resources

Pre-Travel Consultation Appointment

Looking to travel out of country in the coming months? Make your free consultation appointment with Student Health Services.

Prior to your appointment, please fill out the Student Health Services Travel Patient Questionnaire.
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Aetna Student Health Insurance Emergency Travel Assistance

As an active member of Aetna Student Health insurance program, you now have access to emergency assistance services when you are traveling 100 miles away from your home address or outside your country of residence. You can access the On Call International assistance services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year during your policy effective period. On Call International provides a wide array of services to assist you in the event of an emergency. Some of the many services include:

Medical Consultation and Evaluation – Your call to the On Call International Operations Center will be handled by medical personnel who will refer you to qualified doctors and medical facilities.

Medical Monitoring – On Call International’s medical personnel will stay in regular communication with your attending physician and relay information to you and your family.

Foreign Hospital Deposit Arrangements – On Call International will assist you in gaining access to emergency medical care by validating your health insurance coverage.

Prescription Assistance – If you are traveling and require prescription medication, On Call International will help you fill that prescription.

Emergency Medical Evacuation – Should adequate medical facilities not be available locally, On Call International will evacuate you to the nearest medical facility capable of providing you with appropriate care.

Medical Repatriation – If you require medical assistance upon being discharged from the hospital, On Call International will make arrangements to get you back to your permanent address or campus location.

Return of Mortal Remains – On Call International will render every possible assistance in the event of a death while traveling. This service includes locating a sending funeral home to prepare the remains for transport, procuring required documentation, and obtaining the necessary shipping container.

For more information on Aetna Travel Assistance, please visit the Aetna Student Health Website.

If you do not have the University Sponsored Health Insurance through Aetna, we encourage you to consider purchasing an Emergency Travel assistance policy that includes medical care and emergency medical evacuation.