Travel Medicine

Travel Medicine

We offer consultation for pre and post-travel related services for those traveling to less developed areas of the world where certain serious health conditions may prevail.

The consultations for pre-travel and post-travel evaluation of illness are offered without charge*. Recommended travel related vaccinations and prophylactic medications are NOT covered by the JBT Health & Wellness Center or most insurance companies. This means that you will potentially be charged for all travel-related vaccinations and prophylactic medication. It is your responsibility to be aware of these potential costs and your insurance benefits.  As many vaccines and medications needed prior to overseas travel require advance treatment to be effective, please be sure to schedule any pre-travel related appointment weeks to months in advance.

*The travel visit is billed to your insurance and if not covered, written off by JBT. 

Travel Resources

Looking to travel out of country in the coming months? Call us at (503) 494-8665 to make your consultation appointment with JBT Health & Wellness Center.

Prior to your appointment, please fill out the Travel Patient Questionnaire.
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On-Call International

Those students on the Student Health Insurance Plan also have travel benefits through On-Call International.

On-Call International provides medical evacuation and repatriation services and emergency travel assistance

On Call International 24/7 Emergency Travel Assistance Services

Within United States:1-877-318-6901

Outside United States:  Call collect by dialing the U.S. access code plus 603-328-1909