Processes and Procedures

To serve the various health care needs of our students and postdoctoral fellows requires a high degree of trust and the utmost confidentiality.  To ensure that trust and confidentiality, the Joseph B. Trainer Health & Wellness Center offers many privacy policies and procedures for all our patients.

  1. We function as an independent clinical entity distinct from your academic and research program as well as from University Hospitals and Clinics.
  2. All faculty providers in the JBT Health & Wellness Center are prohibited from ever grading or evaluating our patients in any of their educational or training settings. While we might meet or speak to student or postdoctoral groups in an academic setting, responses, attendance or any form of evaluation is strictly prohibited. Any faculty member who provides health care in the JBT Health & Wellness Center must screen all students or postdoctoral fellows prior to rotating on a ward or teaching service to make sure the patient does not interact with that faculty member in any evaluative or graded capacity.
  3. In strict observance of HIPPA law, we cannot report any medical information to faculty, associate deans, program directors or principal investigators without written permission of the student or postdoctoral fellow.
  4. All student and postdoc electronic medical records are kept behind a secure electronic firewall (similar to psychiatric records) which prohibits all non-JBT Health providers at OHSU from viewing any JBT Health & Wellness clinic notes. Through these many safeguards your health care confidentiality is secured.

While at OHSU, you are our patients and we want you to know that it is our privilege to serve you uniquely in this capacity.