Student Leave Of Absence


Students interrupt their education to accommodate educational goals or special circumstances.  There are many acceptable reasons for obtaining an Leave of Absence including medical care for a physical or psychological issue, birth or adoption of a child, family obligations, research, additional graduate degree, military service, financial hardship, time to study for boards, and other personal reasons. 

If you are contemplating a leave of absence, be sure to review the OHSU Voluntary Leave of Absence (LOA) policy

**Please note that the option to continue the Student Health Insurance Plan  is no longer available and that SHIP coverage will terminate at the end of the month in which you last attended class**



If you are requesting a MEDICAL Leave of Absence, please follow the steps below:

  • Schedule an appointment with the Joseph B. Trainer Health & Wellness Center (formerly Student Health) or your health care provider if you are not being treated at the JBT Health Center.
  • Have your provider complete the attestation form  affirming that your condition requires a medical leave of absence. 
  • Sign the form in the student section giving the health care provider permission to release this very limited information.

If you are RETURNING from a Medical Leave of Absence, please follow the steps below:

  • Have your treating health care provider complete the reinstatement attestation form.
  • Sign the form at the top giving your permission for this very limited release of information.

Please note, providers at the JBT Health & Wellness Center may NOT complete the provider attestation for return from a medical leave of absence, only an outside treating provider may perform that service. 


Insurance Options While On Leave

Health insurance coverage will terminate at the end of the month in which you last attended class. 

Students who withdraw from their academic program will lose coverage at the end of the month in which they last attended class.

We strongly recommend that you carry some form of health insurance. Going without health insurance involves potential serious health care and financial risks. If you go without insurance coverage for more than 63 days, you may face a pre-existing condition exclusion that will exclude you from coverage for certain conditions for up to 6 months, upon re-enrolling in the university sponsored plan.


Healthcare Resources outside of OHSU

There are limited opportunities for those on tight budgets to acquire health insurance outside of a parent's plan (for those under 26), or the University Sponsored Health Insurance Plan.

  • Oregon's health exchanges will be accepting applications as of October 1st and coverage for these plans is planned to begin January 1st, 2014. 

Healthcare Resources outside of OHSU - View PDF

 *Non approved leave of absences and/or withdrawals are not eligible for continuation coverage*

If you take a leave of absence, it is vital that you notify the JBT Health & Wellness Center upon your return in order to re-enroll in the plan as an active student.