STUDENTS ONLY: As of 1/1/2015, the Aetna referral requirement has been removed.  Specialty clinics may still require a provider to provider referral but all students on the SHIP have blanket Aetna referrals. 

The purpose of the referral is to help assure that students and their spouse or domestic partner are offered the best possible care at the lowest possible rates.  Students and spouses or domestic partners can see outside providers without a referral, but out of network benefits, deductibles, and out of pocket expenses will apply. 

This referral practice is intended to stabilize premiums for all and encourages students and their adult dependent (spouse or domestic partner) to take advantage of the services offered at OHSU Joseph B. Trainer Health & Wellness Center, where insurance is not billed for professional services.

Students and their adult dependents are always encouraged to use the JBT Health & Wellness Center for their medical care, regardless of their insurance plan, as it is always more cost effective if your insurance plan is not billed for professional services.

For the lowest out of pocket expenses, students with the University Sponsored Health Insurance Plan and their dependent spouse or domestic partner will need a referral from the JBT Health & Wellness Center prior to seeing any other primary care/specialty care, counseling or behavioral health provider.

For further details about the referral process and how it may impact you, please review the
OHSU University Sponsored Health Insurance Plan Referral Policy



Remember the use of the referral system helps lower health care premiums and costs.