Student Dental Insurance

2014-2015 Dental Insurance Information


All eligible students will be automatically enrolled in the University Sponsored Dental Insurance Plan.  

Enrollment Periods/Costs


The cost is the same whether you are a local campus student or a distance campus student.

2014/2015 Monthly Rates-Effective 8/1 for new students, 9/1 for returning students.

  Student Only


  Student + Spouse


  Student + Child(ren)


  Student + Family


PLEASE NOTE: Dental insurance is required of all eligible programs.

Plan Details

The OHSU Sponsored Dental Insurance Plan is offered by Aetna Student Health.  The OHSU Student Dental plan is a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO).  A benefit summary is provided by Aetna Life Insurance Company for some of the more frequently performed dental procedures. Under this plan, you may choose at the time of service either a PPO participating dentist or any nonparticipating dentist.  With the PPO plan, savings are possible because the PPO participating dentists have agreed to provide care at a negotiated fee schedule.  Nonparticipating benefits are subject to reasonable and customary charge limits.  The Dental plan is also available to all dependents, including spouses, children and domestic partners.

Please visit the Aetna Student Health - Dental Plan Enrollment Information for full plan details and dependent enrollment.  For PPO coverage detail for the 2014-2015 plan year, please read the Aetna Dental Plan Benefits Member Handbook

Questions or Comments

Please contact the JBT Health & Wellness Center at 503 494-8665 or  us if you have questions regarding eligibility and enrollment.

If you have questions regarding claims processing, benefit questions, plan clarification or anything else directly related to the insurance please call Aetna Student Health at 1-877-261-8409.


Need An In Network Dentist That Is Close To School?  The OHSU Faculty Dental Practice is an Aetna Preferred Provider and offers complete care from expert faculty dentists, just steps away on Marquam campus.  Learn more by calling (503) 494-4316.

2015-2016 Dental Insurance Information


OHSU requires all eligible students to carry comparable dental insurance.  All eligible students will be automatically enrolled in the student dental insurance plan and have the student dental insurance plan premium billed to their student account unless they have other comparable coverage and complete and are approved for a SHIP dental waiver by the waiver deadline.

For the 15/16 academic year, OHSU has partnered with PacificSource to offer its University Sponsored Dental Insurance Plan.   Students who are enrolled on the OHSU Student Dental Insurance Plan can also enroll their spouse or domestic partner as well as dependents on this plan.   

Enrollment Periods/Costs

2015 – 2016  Continuation * Summer B Fall   Winter  Spring/Summer 

Spring Only**

Dental Rates  9/1/15 – 10/1/15  8/1/15 – 8/31/15  9/1/15 – 1/3/16  1/4/16 – 3/27/16  3/28/16 – 9/21/16  3/28/16-6/30/16
Student  $25.87 $25.87 $107.62 $107.62 $107.62 $79.26
Spouse  $25.87 $25.87 $107.62 $107.62 $107.62 $79.26
Per Child  $25.87 $25.87 $107.62 $107.62 $107.62 $79.26

* Continuation is only available to September graduates for the 15/16 plan year

** 4th year graduating medical students only

Coverage periods for the 15/16 plan year are BY TERM.  No refunds are issued past the 100% refund deadlines for any change in student status. 

Plan Details

Dental Benefit Summary-View PDF

Qualifying Event

Students who have a qualifying event (loss of coverage, birth of child, marriage, divorce, etc.) are eligible to enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan within 31 days of the event.  Enrollment would be for the full term period and coverage would begin the date coverage was lost. 

Dependent Enrollment

Dependent coverage will be available for the 15/16 academic year through PacificSource. Dependent enrollment will be available a month prior to the term start date.  You will not be able to enroll your dependents prior to this. 


To enroll your dependents you will need to do so by phone by contacting Wells Fargo Customer Care at (800) 853-5899 by the deadline EACH TERM THAT COVERAGE IS DESIRED.  You will only be able to enroll dependents for the current term and cannot enroll them in future terms. 

Dependent deadlines are in line with waiver and 100% refund deadlines (see below).  Please remember if you choose to insure your dependents, that you must enroll spouses, domestic partners and/or dependent children  EACH TERM by the respective deadline or coverage will terminate at the end of the previous term's coverage  period.   

2015 – 2016  Continuation* Summer B Fall   Winter  Spring/Summer  Spring Only **
Dental Rates  9/1/15 – 10/1/15  8/1/15 – 8/31/15  9/1/15 – 1/3/16  1/4/16 – 3/27/16  3/28/16 – 9/21/16  3/28/16-6/30/16
Spouse  $25.87 $25.87 $107.62 $107.62 $107.62 $79.26
Per Child *** $25.87 $25.87 $107.62 $107.62 $107.62 $79.26
Dependent Enrollment Deadlines N/A 8/21/2015 10/9/2015 1/15/2016 4/8/2016 4/8/2016
* Continuation is only available to September graduates for the 15/16 plan year
** 4th year graduating medical students only
*** We are no longer allowed to offer a family rate due to Healthcare Reform mandates

Student must enroll their dependent(s) every term that coverage is desired by contacting Wells Fargo Insurance Services by the deadlines above

Dependent coverage will no longer be offered after 9/21/2016.

Leave of Absence/Late Admit

Leave Of Absence-University Approved

If leave is declared after the 100% refund deadline: the student will remain covered through the rest of the term coverage period and can elect one additional term of coverage (per academic career) if the LOA is an approved medical leave.  Enrollment and payment for this one term of dental leave coverage will be done directly through Wells Fargo Insurance Services.                                                                                                                                                         

If leave is declared prior to the 100% refund deadline: the student will not be covered for the term UNLESS it is an OHSU approved medical leave.  For those on an OHSU approved medical leave, they will have the option to enroll in the student dental insurance plan for the current term only.  Enrollment and payment for the remainder of this term's coverage period will be done directly through Wells Fargo Insurance Services.  The student will NOT be able to elect an additional term of coverage.         

Previous enrollment in the prior term is required in order to qualify for a term of coverage for medical leave.  A maximum of one term of dental leave health insurance coverage will be granted during your academic career.


Late Admit 

Students that register after the 100% refund deadline will be enrolled in the whole term coverage period with backdated coverage from the start of this period.  If they wish to waive out of the SDIP (Student Dental Insurance Plan), they will need to contact the JBT office for a paper waiver application form and have this completed within 7 days from the date they become enrolled.  If all of the waiver information is not received within 7 days of the late enrollment, they will have to wait until the next term's waiver period to apply.