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Beginning September 19, 2016, the Joseph B. Trainer (JBT) Health and Wellness Center transitioned to a new compliance tracking system, ReadySet, to better serve students in meeting and tracking pre-entrance and annual required vaccines and testing. ReadySet has been in use by OHSU's Occupational Health since 2014 and has proven to be an efficient, effective tool for maintaining employee health compliance records. JBT Health & Wellness Center has been using ReadySet to track and manage flu vaccination requirements since its implementation. As of January 17, 2017, JBT Health & Wellness Center will be moving annual tuberculosis tracking and respiratory protection monitoring to ReadySet. The final transition phase will occur in spring, when all Pre-Entrance screening, immunization and titer requirements will be housed and tracked in ReadySet.

While we do our best to let students know when they are due for annual requirements, it is ultimately the student's responsibility to maintain compliance.

ReadySet will allow students:

    • Immediate access to their student health record
    • The ability to view and print their records on the go
    • The ability to complete required documentation before they even reach JBT for their appointment
    • Access to enter and manage student pre-entrance immunization requirements and annual requirements such as the annual flu vaccine, TB testing, respirator fit testing, and more

Epic will continue to hold students' personal medical care records. Keeping ReadySet and Epic separated ensures patient confidentiality. 

Tuberculosis Screening: ALL OHSU students are required to complete annual tuberculosis screening.

How do you know if you are due?

  • You will receive a notification from ReadySet to your OHSU email account a month before your tuberculosis screening is due and weekly reminders after your due date.
  • You can check the Results section in your ReadySet My Health tab to find out when your last tuberculosis screening was done. Tuberculosis screening is due yearly.  

How can you receive your annual tuberculosis screening service?

  • You can receive no-cost, annual tuberculosis screening at the JBT Health & Wellness Center. Please call us at 503-494-8665 to set up an appointment. Please fill out your ReadySet TB Program Symptom and Exposure Questionnaire before arriving for your appointment.
  • You may also receive tuberculosis screening outside of JBT Health & Wellness Center by using your personal health insurance. However, you must send documentation of your tuberculosis screening to so this can be properly documented before you will be considered compliant. 

How do you complete the assigned TB Program Symptom and Exposure Questionnaire in ReadySet?

  • Log on to ReadySet---Click on the My Health tab---Click on the Health Surveys section on the left hand side of the screen---Click on TB Program Symptom and Exposure Questionnaire---Fill out the questionnaire (only the red starred entries are required)---Submit ONLY when you are done.
  • Once you submit the form, you cannot go back in to edit. If you need to edit the form, contact JBT to reset your survey.

Respiratory Protection Monitoring: Only students from a few programs are required to have respiratory protection requirements.

  • You will receive notification directly from ReadySet when you are due and directions on how to complete this requirement. Please call us at 503-494-8665 to set up an appointment.

Please fill out your ReadySet OSHA Respirator Survey at least 24 hours before arriving for your appointment.

Who cannot get N95 mask fit tested?

  • You cannot get mask fitted if you have facial hair, even one-day stubble will prevent a good seal. Certain medical conditions, such as poorly controlled asthma, may make N95 mask use unsafe. A JBT provider will contact you if they have any concerns after reviewing your OSHA Respirator Survey.
  • Some people "fail" the N95 mask fitting in the office. This means that the N95 mask does not fit properly and will not protect you from respiratory hazards. If you have facial hair, "fail" the fitting or have a medical reason you cannot safely use a N95 mask, you will need to be trained to wear the PAPR instead.

If you need PAPR training, how does this occur?

  • You will need to go online and complete the PAPR Compass module in order to be properly trained and prepared to use a PAPR.
  • Instructions for completing the PAPR Compass Module:
  1. Log in to Compass through O2
  2. Type PAPR into the search field in the upper right corner of the welcome screen.
  3. Choose the "Use of the Powered Air Purifying Respirator"
  4. Launch the course.
  • Once you have completed the compass module, you MUST notify JBT that the module has been completed so we can mark you as compliant. You are not considered compliant until we get a follow up notification from you.

For questions, contact JBT at 503 494-8665 or

You can access ReadySet here.

For more questions on Respirator Fit testing- click here

School of Nursing Students: Please note: At this time, the School of Nursing is not enrolled in the ReadySet system. School of Nursing students will still be able to receive influenza vaccines and tuberculosis screening through JBT, but they are not required to complete the ReadySet survey prior to services

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