Legislative Key Performance Measurements

Performance Measurements


Oregon Health & Science University closely tracks performance in order to monitor improvement and examine trends that may affect health and science education in the state. These results are communicated to the Legislature and the public through a variety of publications.

Performance measurement is critical for providing reliable information on the performance of Oregon's only academic health center. It allows comparisons of the various OHSU programs with their past performance and, in some cases, comparisons with the performance of institutions in their peer groups. Monitoring performance enables OHSU to benchmark performance against targets and informs policy discussion and development.

OHSU communicates its performance to the Oregon Legislature on the official state forms "Performance Measure Database" and "Annual Key Performance Measures" as well OHSU's Report to the Oregon Legislative Assembly, which is produced every two years. 

  • Key Performance Measures include 23 indicators that are aligned with one or more of the statewide "Oregon Benchmarks" or represent high-level Outcomes for OHSU. As part of the budgeting process, OHSU sets targets to improve against its prior performance on each of these 23 indicators.

In addition to the aforementioned information about quality and service of its education programs, Oregon Health & Science University supports easy access for healthcare consumers to current hospital information at its Healthcare Quality & Service page. The website provides online resources and explanations about the data provided.


Links to Officially Reported Performance Measures