Facts, Forms, and Reports

Accreditation Reports

Reports Appendices
NWCCU Year 3 Self-Evaluation    

Spring 2012 Submission

Evaluative Report

Reaffirmation Letter

NWCCU Year 3 Self-Evaluation Report

NWCCU Year Three Evaluative Report

NWCCU Year Three Reaffirmation Letter

 Year 3 Report Appendices

NWCCU Year 1 Report    
Spring 2011 Submission  Year One Report Spring 2011  

Evaluative Report

 Year One Evaluative Report  
Reaffirmation Letter
2011 Reaffirmation Letter
NWCCU 5-Year Interim Report    
Spring 2010 Submission NWCCU Spring 2010 Submission

 Spring 2010 Interim Report Appendices

Evaluative Report
5-Year Evaluative Report

Reaffirmation Letter
2010 Reaffirmation Letter   

NWCCU Progress Reports

Fall 2009 Fall 2009 Interim Report  

Spring 2008

Spring 2006

Spring 2008 Progress Report

Spring 2006 Progress Report
Ten-Year Self Study    
Comprehensive Evaluators' Report with Commendations & Recommendations  

Comprehensive Evaluators' Report with Commendations & Recommendations

OHSU Comprehensive Self-Study Report  

OHSU Comprehensive Self-Study Report


Curricular Modification

Title Form

Curricular Modification FAQ's

Proposing Curricular Changes FAQ's 

Category I Proposal

Category I Proposal Link 

Category I Proposal, New Location

Category I, New location 

Category I Proposal, New Certificate

Category I, New Certificate 

Category I Proposal, New Academic Program

Category I, New Program Proposal 

Category I, Curriculum Format

Category I, Curriculum Table 

Category I, Faculty Data Table

Category 1, Faculty Data 

Category I, Budget Outline

Category I, Budget Outline 

Category I, External Review

External Review 

Category II Proposal

Category II Form

Category II, Curriculum Format


Category III Proposal

Category III 

Curricular Modification Guide

Curricular Modification Handbook 

Academic Program Modification Process and Follow-up


Review Process Flow Charts

OUS Approval Flow Chart for New Undergraduate Programs  OUS Approval New Undergrad Programs
OUS Approval Flow Chart for New Graduate Programs  OUS Approval New Grad Programs 
School of Dentistry Approval Process  School of Dentistry, Approval
School of Medicine, MD, Approval Process  MD Approval Process
School of Medicine, Graduate Programs, Approval Process  SOM, Grad Programs Approval Process
School of Nursing, Approval Process  SON Approval Process
Faculty Senate Review Process Detail
 Faculty Senate Review Process

Five Year Follow-up Review

Review form for new academic programs
Review Forms for New Academic Program
Review forms for new certificate & sub-degree programs
Review Forms for New Certificate & Sub-Degree Programs

Academic Program Review


Title Report

Behavioral Neuroscience

APR Behavioral Neuroscience

Biomedical Informatics

APR Biomedical Informatics

Human Investigations

APR Human Investigations

OHSU Fact Book 

Title Report

2012 OHSU Fact Book

2012 OHSU Fact Book 

2011 OHSU Fact Book

2011 Academic Factbook

2010 OHSU Fact Book

2010 Academic Factbook

2009 OHSU Fact Book

 2009 Factbook