Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

MN, Post Masters Certificate

Program Information

Program/Department Chair: Margaret Scharf

Program length: Two Tears (7 quarters)

Admit by cohort: Yes

Authorized Award(s): Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner - MN, Post Masters Certificate (CIP Code: 51.1610)

Minimum number graded credit hours: 77 units

Minimum acceptable GPA: 3.0 GPA

Program Purpose Statement 

The aim of the PMHNP program is educate nurse practitioners to care for the mental health needs of people throughout the lifespan.


Student Learning Outcomes Statements

Students will possess the capacity for:

  1. the development of therapeutic relationships as a basis for assessment and provision of evidence based interventions to individuals across the life span;
  2. conducting psychiatric evaluations and diagnoses of mental health problems and psychiatric disorders;
  3. development of a comprehensive diagnostic formulation of family systems and their functioning;
  4. utilizing evidence-based therapeutic models in intervening with individuals across the life span;
  5. provision of psychopharmacological interventions to treat symptoms of individuals across the life span;
  6. documenting and communicating psychiatric evaluation, intervention, and follow up data;
  7. demonstrating professional accountability through collaborative communication and education within and between disciplines;
  8. implementing ethical strategies in the provision of mental health care.