Clinical Laboratory Science


Program Information

Program/Department Chair: Abraham Furman

Program length: 15 month

Admit by cohort: Yes

Authorized Award(s): Bachelor of Science in Clinical Laboratory Science

Minimum number graded credit hours:  186 quarter credits

Minimum acceptable GPA: 2.00

Program Purpose Statement 

The purpose of the Clinical Laboratory Science Degree, a Bachelor of Science program, is to provide a comprehensive curriculum to prepare students to practice clinical laboratory science/medical technology in diagnostic laboratories and other healthcare-related settings. Successful completion of the Clinical Laboratory Science Program qualifies students to sit for national certification examinations.

Student Learning Outcomes Statements

Educational Objectives

The program's expectation is to graduate individuals who:

  • are professionally competent;
  • possess a commitment to life-long learning;
  • exhibit a sense of commitment to the ethical and humane aspects of patient care;
  • appreciate the need for research to develop knowledge of health, disease, healthcare management and education;
  • recognize the role of the clinical laboratory scientist in the assurance of quality health care

Expected Student Learning Outcomes

Upon graduation from the program, students will be able to demonstrate:

  1. theoretical knowledge and technical skills in the clinical laboratory according to established laboratory standards
  2. error recognition, and the ability to integrate and interpret analytical data, and establish a course of action to solve problems
  3. professionalism and ethical behavior
  4. administrative skills consistent with philosophies of quality assurance, continuous quality improvement, laboratory education, fiscal resource management, and appropriate composure under stressful conditions
  5. safe laboratory practice to include maintenance of working environment, adherence to all safety rules and regulations, and appropriate test sample acquisition and handling
  6. communication skills to ensure correct, effective, courteous and appropriate information transfer