Proposing New Programs

OHSU follows the Statewide Provost's Council Program Approval Process that is required of all member universities pursuing approval of new academic programs. These flowcharts document the processes required to adopt a new academic program.

Prior to offering a new academic program, sponsoring faculty must draft and successfully advance the proposal through the OHSU review process. This process may take up to 18 months to complete.

Step one in the process of proposing a new academic program is to notify the Office of Academic Programs, Policy & Accreditation (APPA) of planning intent. Once the APPA has been notified, the request will be distributed to OHSU stakeholders for comment. At the end of the comment period, programs will be notified and if successful, granted permission to develop a full proposal.

IMPORTANT: A department may not advertise or recruit students for a program until it has successfully passed through all of the required internal and external review and approval processes. (Reference Policy 02-50-020, Marketing New Programs)


Category I New Program 

Category I New Location

Category I Curriculum Format

Category I Faculty Data

Category I Budget Outline

HECC External Review Requirements for Graduate Programs