Proposing New Programs

Academic program review is a comprehensive evaluation of a curriculum leading to a degree or certificate. The review process is an instrument to assure program quality and is a central feature of academic program planning. The review of academic programs happens at three transitions:

(1) Proposal of a change to an existing program  

(2) Proposal of a new academic program 

(3) The follow-up review of an approved new program after five years

Proposal of a New Academic Program

OHSU follows the Oregon University System's Program Approval Process that is required of all member schools pursuing approval of new academic programs. These flowcharts document the processes required to adopt a new academic program.

Prior to initiating the OUS Program Approval Process, program proposals must successfully go through the OHSU review process at both the school- and institution-levels and this takes about 18 months to complete.

Step one in the process of proposing a new academic program is to submit a Notification of Planning Intent (NOPI) to the Office of Academic Programs, Policy & Accreditation. The NOPI is an online form that can be accessed and submitted here. Once the form is submitted, it will be distributed to OHSU stakeholders for a 10-business day comment period. At the end of the comment period, programs will be notified and if successful, granted permission to develop a full proposal. The forms required for a full program proposal are available online. In an effort to be more efficient, this process is entirely electronic; programs do not need to submit any of the forms in hard copy. 

For planning purposes, a list of all relevant school-, university- and state-level meeting dates is available. Proposals need to be approved and submitted to the next review level 10 days to 8 weeks prior to the scheduled meeting, depending on the committee.

If you have difficulty accessing the NOPI, or if you have questions about the process, please contact


IMPORTANT: A department may not advertise or recruit students for a program until it has successfully passed though all of the required internal and external review and approval processes. (Reference Policy 0-03-0613, Marketing New Programs)

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