Changing Existing Academic Programs

Proposal of a change to an Existing Academic Programs

The three types of proposed changes to existing programs as defined in Policy 0-02-0613:

Substantive Changes (Category I), Modifications of Existing Program Components (Category II) and "Cosmetic" or Minor Changes (Category III). The type of proposed change prescribes the extensiveness of the review process in required documentation, approvals and timeline. 

Category I changes require university, state and regional accreditation approvals. According to the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU), the regional accrediting agency for OHSU, Operational Policy A-2: 

If an institution implements a substantive change without prior written notice or if it proceeds to implement a substantive change denied by the Commission, the Commission may consider issuance of an order for the institution to show cause why its accreditation or candidate status should not be terminated.

Category II changes require university-level approval and may require state or regional accreditation approval.

Category III changes are reviewed and operationalized through the Registrar's Office.

Find proposal forms and curricular modification resources in the Facts, Forms and Reports section of this website. If there are questions about the level of approval needed for a proposed change, please contact the Office of Academic Programs, Policy and Accreditation.

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