Academic Program Review

All of OHSU's degree and certificate programs are subject to periodic reviews of academic quality and effectiveness.  The reviews are based on OHSU's Academic Program Review policy, which was developed during Summer and Fall 2010.

Every five years academic degrees and certificate programs will complete and submit a program self-study to the Academic Program Review Committee, which determines if the program is meeting OHSU's standards of academic quality and effectiveness.

To facilitate the program review process, the Provost's Office created a series of documents to educate stakeholders about  review process and provide time-saving resources.

Five-Year Academic Program Review Forms

In preparation for the Five-year Academic Program Review, programs will utilize the APR Form to complete the program self-study. The APR Form is a Word Document and programs are welcome to submit the report as a Word document or a PDF.

In addition to the APR Form, the Academic Program Review Committee requires the completion of two additional tables containing faculty data:

After the 5-Year Report is complete, please email the document to the Office of Academic Programs, Policy and Accreditation as an attachment and include all supplemental information, such as Forms I, and II. Please label all attachments clearly.

If you experience difficulty with any of the forms, or have any questions, please contact the Office of Academic Programs, Policy and Accreditation at  503-418-5281.

Academic Program Review Committee


The APR Committee is comprised of nine faculty members with representation from each school at OHSU. APR members are nominated by their school to a three year term. The appointment is endorsed by the APR Committee Chair and Office of the Provost. All nominations are confirmed by the OHSU Faculty Senate. Academic Program Review Committee.


The Academic Program Review Committee meets at least twice each academic year to evaluate general findings of the APR Review Teams and to discuss committee business. Review Teams meet each Fall and Winter Term to conduct a review of scheduled academic programs.