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All of OHSU's degree and certificate programs are subject to periodic reviews of academic quality.  The reviews are based on OHSU's Academic Program Review policy, which was developed during Summer and Fall 2010.

All programs are to continue their regular reviews as planned, however, every five years these internal reviews will be presented to the Academic Program Review Committee, which will determine if the program is meeting the institution's standards of academic quality and integrity.

To facilitate the program review process, the Provost's Office created a series of documents to educate stakeholders about the purpose for the reviews and provide time-saving resources for those actively engaged in them. The report can be be completed and submitted in one of two ways, either online using the link below, or as a Word document, also linked below.

Questions?  Please contact:

Assistant Vice Provost

Five-Year Academic Program Review Forms

Utilize the link below to download and complete the 5-Year Academic Program Review Template. The template is a Word Document and programs are welcome to submit the report as a Word document or a PDF.

The APR requires the completion of two additional tables containing faculty data:

After the 5-Year Report is complete, please email the document to the Office of Academic Programs, Policy and Accreditation as an attachment and include all supplemental information, such as Tables 3.1 and 3.3, as well. Please label all attachments clearly.

If you experience difficulty with any of the forms, or have any questions, please contact the Office of Academic Programs, Policy and Accreditation at  503-418-5281.

Academic Program Review Committee


Representatives appointed by the administration of each school and a representative from the OHSU Faculty Senate appointed by their Executive Committee, comprise the Academic Program Review Committee.


The Committee reviews programs monthly and meets once a term to discuss report findings.

Five Year Academic Program Review Outcomes






Reviewed 2012-13

Medical Informatics and Clinical Epidemiology
 5-Year APR Report  DMICE APR Rubric  DMICE Letter
Human Investigations Programs
 5-Year APR Report  HIP APR Rubric  HIP Letter
Cell and Developmental Biology
 5-Year APR Report  CDB APR Rubric  CDB Letter
Physiology and Pharmacology
 5-Year APR Report  Ph2 APR Rubric  PH2 Letter
Molecular and Medical Genetics
 5-Year APR Report  MMG APR Rubric  MMG Letter

Reviewed 2013-14

Radiation Therapy

5-Year APR Report

RT Rubric

RT Letter

Nursing, Baccalaureate Programs
5-Year APR Report

Nursing APR Rubric


Public Health & Preventive Medicine (MPH)

5-Year APR Report

MPH APR Rubric

MPH Letter

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

5-Year APR Report

BMB APR Rubric

BMB Letter

Neuroscience, Graduate Programs

5-Year APR Report

Neuroscience APR Rubric

Neuroscience Letter

Nursing, PhD Program

5-Year APR Report

Nursing PhD APR Rubric

Nursing PhD Letter