Approved Policies

Policies contained on this site may be modified or discontinued from time to time. Every effort will be made to keep them up-to-date and notices will be provided of proposed policy changes. However, it is your responsibility to keep current on all applicable policies and to request clarification you might need from appropriate OHSU staff.

Below are academic policies reviewed and approved by the Committee on Academic Policy (CAP).

Academic Policy Development & Approval, Policy 01-01-010 
Academic Program Review, Policy 02-50-005 
Assignment of Course Credit, Policy 02-50-015 
Course Inactivation, Policy 02-50-045
Course Syllabi, Policy 02-50-050
Change in Major or Degree Objective, Policy 02-70-025  
Degrees Awarded with Honors, Policy 02-70-040  
Degrees/Certificate Standards, Policy 02-70-035 
Marketing Proposed Academic Programs, Policy 02-50-020
Oregon Heritage, Policy 02-10-025 
Proposing Curricular Changes, Policy 02-50-010 
Record of Student Complaint, Policy 02-20-045
Student Drug & Alcohol Testing, Policy 02-01-003                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
Student Evaluation of Teaching, Policy 02-50-035
Student Financial Planning,
Policy 02-90-025 
Student Identity Verification, Policy 02-20-050 
Student Learning Outcomes & Assessment, Policy 02-50-030 
Student Organization Recognition, Policy 02-90-001      Procedure 02-90-001
Student Residency, Policy 02-10-010
Student Suspension and Dismissal, Policy 02-30-050
     Procedure 02-30-050      Definitions                      
Suspension of Admissions Into or Closure of Academic Programs,  Policy 02-50-040 
Transfer of Course Credit, Policy 02-70-005 
Technical Standards, Policy 02-70-010 
Timely Release of Grades, Policy 02-70-015       
University Grading, Policy 02-70-020 
Voluntary Leave of Absence (LOA), Policy 02-70-030      Procedure 02-70-030
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