Our Team

VirtuOHSU Program Director

Donn Spight, MDno-photoElena An

     Donn Spight, MD           Patricia Southard                 Elena An
      Medical Director       Administrative Director      Program Director

Department of Surgery Instructors at VirtuOHSU

Karen Deveney, MD

 Bruce Ham, MDno-photoKim Lu, MD, FACS

     Karen Deveney                    Bruce Ham                   Karen Kwong                       Kim Lu
                MD                                      MD                                    MD                             MD, FACS

 Erica Mitchell, MDno-photo

         Erica Mitchell                  Slate Wilson      
                 MD                                    MD

Several of the Department of Surgery faculty members are instructors for VirtuOHSU

Dr. Karen Deveney, Professor of Surgery, is the VirtuOHSU Education Director, a role that is in conjunction with her role as Residency Program Director for the . Dr. Deveney has been at OHSU for twenty-one years. 

Dr. Bruce Ham, Assistant Professor of Surgery and Critical Care. He has been at OHSU since 2002 and is responsible for the ultrasound and part of the endoscopic curriculum for VirtuOHSU. 

Dr. Karen Kwong, Assistant Professor, is the Medical Student Clerkship Director at OHSU. She is a general surgeon at the Portland VA Medical Center and she along with Dr. Karen Deveney teach the Communication and Ethics curriculum.Dr. Kwong has been at OHSU for over six years. 

Dr. Kim Lu, Assistant Professor, is a Board Certified Colon and Rectal surgeon in the General Surgery Department. Dr. Lu is the VirtuOHSU instructor for colonoscopy simulation for the surgery residents.

Dr. Erica Mitchell, Assistant Professor Vascular Surgery, is the Associate Medical Director for  VirtuOHSU and has been at OHSU for two years. She is the Director of the vascular skills laboratory.

Ms. Patricia Southard, Associate Professor, is an attorney and a registered nurse and is the Administrative Director for  VirtuOHSU . Ms. Southard has been at OHSU for 23 years and before coming to the Department of Surgery, she was the Administrative Director of Trauma, Chief Nursing Officer, Senior Associate Hospital Director and interim Hospital Director.

Dr. Donn Spight, Assistant Professor, is the  VirtuOHSU Medical Director. He completed a minimally invasive fellowship at OHSU in 2006 and was then recruited to join the faculty. Dr. Spight is the instructor for laparoscopic skills labs.

Dr. Slate Wilson, Adjunct Professor, recently retired from active clinical practice and now is a  VirtuOHSU instructor for open skills laboratory for the surgery residents and medical students. 

Other Instructors at VirtuOHSU

Daniel Guillaume, MD, MSc

 Jeanne-Marie Guise, MD, MPHRobert Hart, MDMichael Seropian, MD

    Daniel Guillaume        Jeanne-Marie Guise              Robert Hart               Michael Seropian
             MD, MSc                          MD, MPH                               MD                                    MD

Several OHSU faculty members from other Departments serve a critical role within the VirtuOHSU network. 

Dr. Daniel Guillaume, Assistant Professor in the Department of Neurosurgery, is responsible for the development of a simulation curriculum in the Department to be implemented within the  VirtuOHSU network.

Dr. Jeanne-Marie Guise, Associate Professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, is a recognized leader in obstetrical simulation with an emphasis on outreach education. She is the recipient of numerous grants in the area of simulation.

Dr. Robert Hart, Associate Professor, is the program director in the Department of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation. Under Dr. Hart's leadership, a simulation curriculum is being developed in the Department.

Dr. Michael Seropian, Associate Professor in the Department of Anesthesiology and Peri-Operative Medicine, is the current Treasurer and a Board Member of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare and Director of Simulation Services for the Department of Anesthesiology. Dr. Seropian serves as a member of the OHSU Simulation Governance Board.