VirtuOHSU facilities and educational activities provide training to physicians in training (residents), practicing physicians, medical students, and high school students interested in pursuing medical careers. It is our expectation that nurses and allied health professionals will utilize the facility in the future to perform team based training activities. Space utilization within the skills center is coordinated though the office of the skills lab coordinator via a master calendar.


Physicians in training

VirtuOHSU Learner - Physicians in Training

Surgical residents within the department of surgery engage in a robust educational program taking place each Monday from 10-12am throughout the entire academic year. During this protected time away from clinical activities program year matched cohorts participate in open, laparoscopic, vascular, ultrasound, endoscopy, and ethics and communication sessions. OHSU has an established tradition of excellence in simulation based education in the fields of Anesthesiology and Obstetrics and Gynecology. These programs have robust simulation based training programs which function parallel to the surgical program within the VirtuOHSU network. Campus wide coordination of activities via the Simulation Governance board has allowed the dissolution of these previously existing silos in favor of unified efforts. Recently multidisciplinary collaboration via VirtuOHSU has resulted in curriculum development for orthopedic and neurosurgical programs as well.


Practicing physicians

VirtuOHSU Learner - Practicing Physicians

As the only academic medical institution within the state of Oregon, OHSU is often charged with the unique responsibility of assisting physicians who have left the workforce due to various circumstances and seek re-entry. These individuals come from a variety of backgrounds including those who have left practice to raise children, left practice due to a medical disability, or trained in a foreign medical system. Through privately held sessions VirtuOHSU instructors assess cognitive and manual skills to facilitate planning of remedial training and clinical experiences.


Medical Students

VirtuOHSU Learner - Medical Students

An introduction to surgical clerkship orientation is provided to junior medical students at the beginning of each year. This encompasses both cognitive and hands on instruction. This information is refreshed at the beginning of each rotation as new cohorts are integrated on the surgical service. A "surgery residency readiness" elective is expected to start at the next academic calendar. This comprehensive course will provide students critical skills necessary for matriculation to a competitive surgical residency that may not be attained during a junior clerkship. The Surgical Interest Group provides medical students with the opportunity to practice surgical skill sets with faculty instruction and support. Other medical student interest groups have expressed an interest in developing simulation curriculum, and we expect medical student VirtuOHSU use to increase dramatically over the next few years. Additionally, medical students rotating on surgical services have free access to the VirtuOHSU training facilities with instruction provided by senior surgical residents and faculty.


High School Students

VirtuOHSU Learner - High School Students

Faculty members of VirtuOHSU provide mentorship and educational opportunities to local high school students through a number of high school programs. Currently, VirtuOHSU is involved with Saturday Academy, Area Health Education Centers Program, and REAP. High school students are exposed to medicine while being able to participate in surgical skill building activities. The hope is that these sessions spur career interest in medicine in populations that might not otherwise have exposure to the healthcare field.