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Originally released April 2012 


Simulation Article Published

Making simulation come alive:  Standardized patient in undergraduate education.  Accepted for publication in Nursing Education Perspectives. Sideras, S., McKenzie, G., Noone. J., Markle, D., Frazier, M. & Sullivan, M. 

Nursing faculty face the challenges of limited clinical placements and variable likelihood that students will encounter specific patient populations that provide essential learning experiences.  Simulations with standardized patients is one method of clinical learning that can augment and complement traditional clinical placements and provide an effective, safe environment for developing clinical judgment needed for practice. This article presents how undergraduate faculty developed high fidelity standardized patients to directly observe student work and structure both the content and situational complexity of the experience to meet student learning needs.  The scenarios provided students with opportunities to care for clients with health promotion and chronic illness needs across a variety of care settings. Debriefing was essential for integrating comprehensive learning outcomes within course curricula.  Standardized patients can provide a rich clinical experience to support course outcomes that all students could experience.  Community partners can help to identify participants for standardized patients and develop the script for the learning experience.


Adamson, K.A., Gubrud, P., Sideras, S., & Lasater, K. Assessing the reliability, validity and use of the Lasater Clinical Judgment Rubric: Three approaches.  Accepted for publication in Journal of Nursing Education.

Lasater, K., Johnson, E., Hodson-Carlton, K., Siktberg, L. & Sideras, S.  A digital toolkit to implement and manage a multisite study.  Accepted for publication in the Journal of Nursing Education