Our Team

The Simulation faculty & staff are members of a learner-centered team providing creative and innovative simulation experiences to prepare nurses to practice excellent patient care.The team primarily serves the School of Nursing undergraduate and graduate programs and OCNE. 

We are committed to collaboration and high standards and serve as a primary resource for the OHSU School of Nursing Campuses across the state:

Klamath Falls
La Grande


Virtual – OCNE Transfers
The team has partnerships with the School of Medicine and OHSU hospitals, as well as, a commitment to multidisciplinary education, research, development and outreach, with a focus on quality of care and excellence.

Statewide SCLC Leadership

 Paula Gubrud-Howegavilanes-jes

    Paula Gubrud-Howe    Jesika S. Gavilanes
Paula Gubrud-Howe, EdD, RN, FAAN - Associate Dean for Academic Partnerships, Technology & Simulation
Jesika S. Gavilanes, MA - Director for Educational Services & Simulation

Ashland SCLC Program Team

   Christine Clifford Cropped New March 13  Joanne Noone  Adam Olilver CroppedStephanie Sideras

     Christine Clifford            Joanne Noone                Adam Oliver          Stephanie Sideras              


         Dori Steers

Christine Clifford - SCLC Coordinator
Joanne Noone, PhD, RN, CNE - Campus Administrative Director/Faculty
Adam Oliver - Multimedia Specialist/Simulation Tech
Stephanie Sideras, PhD, RN -
Assistant Professor & Simulation Specialist
Dori Steers, MSN, RN - Instructor & Simulation Specialist

Klamath Falls SCLC Program Team


       Tanya Chard                 Terry Ross

Tanya Chard - Senior Campus Associate
Tamara Rose - Campus Associate Dean (Photo coming soon)
Terry Ross, MS, RN, CWCN - Assistant Professor


 lora-carman-headshot   gonzalez-jenny-headshot   hoffnagle-sharon-headshot   shaul-stephanie-headshot

       Lora Carman          Jennifer Gonzalez        Sharon Hoffnagle        Stephanie Shaul

Lora Carman, BS - Academic Simulation Associate

Jennifer Gonzalez, BSN, RN - Instructor & Simulation Specialist
Sharon Hoffnagle, BSN, RN - Instructor & Simulation Specialist
Stephanie Shaul, MN, RN
- Instructor & Simulation Specialist


Monmouth SCLC Program Team

 lyman-bret-headshotDocherty, Angie   adria-headshot   Heryford, Stella

          Bret Lyman              Angie Docherty           Adria Gredvig            Stella Heryford  

Hilary Holman-KiddThiele, Doria

   Hilary Holman-Kidd       Doria K. Thiele

Bret Lyman, PhD, RN, CNE - Campus Administrative Director/Faculty
Angie Docherty, NurseD, MPH, PHN, RN
- Assistant Professor & Simulation Coordinator
Adria Gredvig, BA - Academic Simulation Associate
Stella Heryford, MSN, RN - Instructor & Simulation Coordinator
Hilary Holman-Kidd, MBA, BA - Senior Campus Associate
Doria K. Thiele, MN, CNM, IBCLC, PhD Candidate – Instructor & Simulation Coordinator


Portland SCLC Program Team

Mary Cato

trenell-headshot-borders    franklin-headshot  gavilanes-jes

          Mary Cato             Trenell A. Croskey        Ashley Franklin      Jesika S. Gavilanes     

gordon-mary-anna-headshotPaula Gubrud-Howe Lish-Headshot-for-Web
    Mary Anna Gordon      Paula Gubrud-Howe         Lish Robinson

Mary Cato, EdD, RN - Assistant Professor & Lead Simulation Specialist
Trenell A. Croskey - Simulation Coordinator
Ashley Franklin, MSN, RN  - Instructor & Simulation Specialist
Jesika S. Gavilanes, MA  - Director for Educational Services & Simulation
Mary Anna Gordon, DNP, RN - Assistant Professor & Simulation Specialist
Paula Gubrud-Howe, EdD, RN, FAAN, - Associate Dean for Academic Partnerships, Technology and Simulation
K. Misech - Multimedia Specialist & Simulation Tech (Photo Coming Soon)
Lish Robinson - Multimedia Specialist & Simulation Tech