Simulation & Clinical Learning Centers

Computer based software, skill task trainers and high fidelity simulation help to facilitate the provision of simulation into health care curriculum at all levels. SCLC is committed to multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary education, research, development and outreach with a focus on excellence in patient care throughout the state.


Paula Gubrud, Ed.D. R.N.
Associate Dean for Academic Partnerships,Technology & Simulation
Oregon Consortium for Nursing Education
Co-Director & Clinical Education Redesign Project

Becoming a Nurse

OHSU recognizes the importance of simulation technology as a tool in the education of health care providers. Its importance is rapidly expanding and will become the standard in the new millennium. A competent practitioner requires knowledge; technical skills; communication skills; and the ability to work in an interdisciplinary environment. Educators now have the ability to expose participants to each of these areas.

Simulation is a part of OCNE, our statewide curriculum and helps to develop clinical judgment and becoming a nurse.
Simulation Education at OHSU