Our Team

The SCITT Teams that run the mock code consist of:

  • 2 Debriefers: One ACLS Instructor (MD or RN) and one CRM expert (MD or RN)
  • 1 Simulation Technology Expert: Management of the patient simulator and computer simulation software and AV (MD, RN, or other) 
  • 2 Actors: Two actors playing the part of the typical first responders (acute care RNs)

SCITT Committee Chairs

L. Michele Noles, MD

Cynthia Perez, MS, RN, CNS, CCRN

        Michele Noles                               Cyndi Perez
                  MD                                MS, RN, CNS, CCRN

SCITT Committee Members

Melanie Blehm

 Trish Mitchem, BS, RRT

       Melanie Blehm                 Trish Mitchem                  

Stephanie Nonas, MDJennifer Watters, MD

      Stephanie Nonas         Jennifer Watters