The School of Dentistry Simulation Clinic provides a unique opportunity to study a variety of aspects of dental education in a controlled setting. At OHSU, the mission of the School of Dentistry is to strive for excellence in education, research and scholarship, clinical practice and community service.

Our Simulation clinic introduces second-year dental students to the challenges of treating patients in a variety of dental states by utilizing patient simulators.  The patient simulators provides students the proper preparation and application of learned knowledge in a controllable programmed environment that teach the students the necessary skills and confidence needed to transfer to a real-world clinical setting. 

The simulation clinic changes that, giving students immediate experience working in the mouths of "patients." Mannequins positioned like reclining patients hold dentiforms in their simulated jaws. From their first days in class, students learn to approach their work from above and behind, using mirrors and other instruments to watch what they are doing. Simulator units are clustered throughout the clinic, each with a mannequin, a video monitor, and instruments used in dental practice. Future capabilities include connections for laptop computers that will let students tap into electronic resources, including simulated patient records. Instructors lead class from a control station, where they broadcast slides, digital radiographs, video and live images to each station. The system permits students to follow along as faculty members demonstrate different techniques.

Our simulation clinic also offers an ideal site for more advanced students to prepare for licensure examinations and for professionals to learn new skills in continuing education courses.