Virtual Simulators

da Vinci Surgical Skills Simulator

da Vinci Surgical Simulator

The da Vinci Surgical Skills Simulator provides a controlled re-creation of critical steps in surgical instrument control. The da Vinci Simulator allows surgeons to practice their skills in a non-clinical environment and provide more learning opportunities for residents. The qualitative measured platforms are designed to allow even the most highly skilled surgeons to see how they have done on a given exercise and to track progress over time.

Immersion Medical Endoscopy AccuTouch System

Endoscopy AccuTouch

Immersion Medical Endoscopy AccuTouch System is a simulator is used in Endoscopy Skills Labs. Learners are able to practice lower gastrointestinal flexible endoscopy. Using virtual-reality patients, the simulator gives audio feedback as well as haptic feedback

Immersion Medical LaparoscopyVR Virtual-Reality System


Immersion Medical LaparoscopyVR Virtual-Reality System is simulator allows learners to practice a variety of laparoscopic techniques including cutting, knot-tying, clipping, and camera navigation. Learners can also practice surgical procedures such as cholecystectomy or oophorectomy.