Simulation: A Vision for the Future

As the state of Oregon's only health and research university, OHSU is a unique resource for Oregonians as the place where healing, teaching and discovery come together to serve the entire state. We train the healthcare professionals that Oregon communities need. We provide care to those with the most difficult health challenges. Our faculty works everyday to develop new discoveries that help save lives.


Simulation Vision

Advancing excellence in interprofessional patient care through innovative, simulation-based education, training and research.

Simulation Mission Statement

As leaders in interprofessional, simulation-based research, education, and training we will:

  • Promote a culture of collaboration that advances best practices and the highest standards of quality care and patient safety.
  • Leverage our multiple institutes, centers, schools, departments and individual excellence to prepare world class healthcare providers using advanced healthcare simulation.
  • Transforms health and science education through interfprofessional collaboration across the academic, healthcare and science communities.
  • Lead and advocate for state-wide simulation programs that improve health for all Oregonians, and extend OHSU's education, research and health care missions through a network of community partners.
  • Advance excellence in interprofessional simulation for healthcare through the creation and implementation of new knowledge and technologies.
  • Apply new clinical and educational research for simulation-based education and translate these discoveries into health and commercial sectors. 

For more specific information about the types of simulation scenarios we conduct, please click here.

Our Team

OHSU Simulation Leadership

Jeffrey Gold, MD, OHSU Simulation Director
Donn Spight, MD, OHSU Simulation Associate Director
Elena An, MS HCA, Director of Operations, Simulation at VirtuOHSU, Associate Director of Operations, Simulation at CLSB
Jesika Gavilanes, MA, Director of Operations, Simulation at CLSB, Associate Director of Operations, Simulation at VirtuOHSU

CLSB Staff

Frank Anzalone, Administrative Assistant
Trenell Croskey, Simulation Operations Manager
Tru Chatelain, Standardized Patient Manager
Kuulei Miesch, Program Technician
Lish Robinson, Program Technician
Lindsae Klein, Program Technician
Corey MacMillan, Program Technician

VirtuOHSU Staff

Caleb A. Haley, Program Technician
Nic Durham, Program Technician