Required Immunizations

Compliance and Immunization Requirements

All OHSU students are required to provide documentation regarding the completion of their immunization and compliance records as identified in the Student Compliance and Drug Screening policy 50-01.15 and the OHSU Student Health Service pre-entry guidelines policy 02-01.001. 

The School of Nursing uses a vendor called American Databank to help our students track, access, and maintain their immunization and compliance records throughout their academic program.  This web based database allows students to access their immunization and compliance records from anywhere where they have web access and gives them the ability to update and download their compliance "passport" at their convenience.  This system also automatically notifies students when an immunization or compliance item is expiring and new material is required so that they can plan to update your records as needed.

Many required items do expire each year and need to be renewed on an annual basis.  It is important that students follow up with any notifications that they receive from American Databank regarding any compliance or immunization items that are expiring or have not yet been completed.  Failure to provide the required material by the expiration date will cause their record to show as "non-compliant" and will flag their file for administrative review by an OHSU administrator.   
Each term, school administrators review the database to identify any student records that are flagged as "non-compliant" in the system.  Compliance with all required items is needed in order to be eligible to progress academically.  Failure to comply with requested action items can result in a registration hold being placed on the student account which would impact the student's ability to progress academically until all items are completed.

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