Getting Started


What You Need To Know about Compliance and Immunization Requirements 

All OHSU students are required to provide documentation regarding the completion of their immunization and compliance records as identified in the Student Compliance and Drug Screening policy 50-01.15 and the OHSU Student Health Service pre-entry guidelines policy 02-01.001. Review the following steps to complete these requirements by the stated deadline.

(All requirements must be completed prior to the start of your first term)



Start by creating your account in Complio and order the following items right away:

  • Immunization & Compliance Tracking System
  • Background Check
  • 10 Panel Drug Screen services
  • Review the list of required items in the instructional brochure now and start collecting the required documents now.


Required trainings through OHSU’s BIG BRAIN and Compass systems

Online trainings at:

Big Brain:



Submit all completed documents to Complio or American Data Bank

Note: If you are a new student to the system you can
create an account under the "New to Big Brain" header. List Tami Buedefeldt as your supervisor. Once your account is created go to the "Course Catalog" section, find the "Infection Prevention Control module". Review the module and turn in your certificate of completion to Complio (PNP, AGACNP, Spring RNBS) or the American Databank system (all other current students). Questions? Contact the Office of Admissions: 503 494-7725.


Required policies & acknowledgement forms (click each link provided in the list)

Submit all completed documents to American Data Bank or Complio


OHSU Student Health Immunization requirements.

OHSU Student Health Services: 503 494-8665 or

Submit all completed documents to American Data Bank or Complio

  • Review the list of required immunizations for your program in the instructional brochure.
  • Required Medical Insurance: Medical Insurance Information.  Medical insurance questions should be directed to Student Health, 503.494.8665
  • Immunization requirements list: Immune Status Form
  • Flu Attestation/Declination: Students taking courses in clinical agencies may be required to get a flu shot prior to participation. Students with this requirement should complete the flu attestation/declination form and submit this information to America Databank or Complio for tracking purposes.
  • Possible exemptions


Materials obtained from outside agencies.

Licenses and certifications go to American Data Bank or Complio. Transcripts go to the School of Nursing Admissions office.

  • CPR Certification (required of all students except public health).Specific training varies by campus please check your campus specific information. 
  • Copy of RN license (not required for Public Health, Accelerated Bachelors, or 3 year-Bachelor of Science students) CRNA Students ONLY- Please provide documentation for ACLS, BCLS, and PALS.
  • Official transcripts showing completion of coursework
    with appropriate grade(s).
  • Electronic photo requirements for PDX and RNBS students


Check to make sure that all of your required items have been loaded and that you are showing as “compliant” with your requirements.

Load your documents and track your compliance:

  • Log into American Data Bank or Complio with your e-mail and password.
  • Provide all supporting documentation (certificates of
    completion, copies of trainings and certifications,
    forms, medical records, etc) to American DataBank.
    You may upload the documents directly to your account, email them to or fax them to 303 630-1825.
  • Click on the PDF logo in the top right hand corner to view your “clinical passport” and identify any missing items that are required before you start classes.