Inpatient Clinical Placement Checklist


4-6 Weeks before your clinical placement start date:

bullet   Make sure your faculty has registered you for the in-class EpicCare training 

      based on your clinical placement and ensure that they are scheduled to be 

      completed before you start your clinical assignment. 

*To see the agenda for the training, please go to the About Epic Training Page and review the section under Inpatient/PACU Student Nurse. 

bullet   Obtain your Background Check / Drug Screening verification on school letterhead.  
      Check with your school for any questions. 


bullet   Cohort students must bring the Nursing Student Daily Goal card filled out each

      time they are on the clinical site. This form lists the daily or weekly goal(s) for the

      individual student and must be shared with the preceptor.


1-2 Weeks before your clinical placement start date:

bullet  Review the OHSU Emergency Codes.


bullet  Ensure your regional nursing network clinical passport is current. 

    You must bring it with you when you are on the unit.


bullet  Authenticate your Network ID through Citrix- You will need to do this in order

     to review the Omnicell modules and you will use this for logging into Epic.  

     Your Network ID can be found on the Student access Spreadsheet.  To

     authenticate your network ID, follow the steps on the second page of the 

     Account Access Guide  .


bullet  Create your password in Compass - it is recommended that you use the same

     password for Compass that you created in Citrix.  To change your password,

     please review the instructions in the Compass Access Handout


**You will need to update your password in both Citrix and Compass before you can

    complete the following on-line modules and attend the in-class training. Your

    username for both will be the same.




On-Line Modules - must be completed before attending training.

Internet Explorer is the preferred browser to use when reviewing the below modules.  


1.  Complete and print the Certificates of Completion for the Big Brain ModulesThese trainings require sound - make sure you have speakers / headphones. 
  •  Respect at the University
  • HIPAA-Privacy and You
  • Integrity Booster

To access the OHSU online modules, go to Big Brain. For instructions on how to log in to Big Brain for the first time, please review the Account Access Guide  .


2.  Review and Complete: The Automated Cabinet Dispenser (ADC) - Omnicell on-line training.**You will need to authenticate your Network ID and create a password before you will be able to review the below modules.  When you click the link, you will be prompted to log in with your Network ID and password. 
      3.  Review and Complete: The Prerequisite EpicCare on-line module in Compass 
           (review the Compass Access Handout  for help locating the module in Compass)
  • EpicCare Fundamentals for Inpatient Staff

**It is best to use Safari (for Mac's) and Internet explorer (for PC's). 
***Mac's users- when directed  to hit the "END" key on your keyboard, you will need to hit the "FN"  and the right arrow key at the same time to have the module progress to the next section  



ID Badge:

bullet  Complete and collect these forms to obtain your ID Badge and take the forms to the

     OHSU Parking Office, which is located at 3310 SW Veterans Hospital Road.


  • Access & ID card Form:  You will need to obtain a copy of this from Melanie Blehm in Sam Jackson Hall, Room 3255.  Please contact her to schedule a time to do so -
  • Background check / Drug screening verification on school letterhead
  • Respect at the University Certificate of Completion
  • HIPPA-Privacy and You Certificate of Completion
  • Integrity Booster Certificate of Completion
  • Government-issued photo identification
  • $25.00 to pay for ID badge








Your EpicCare access will be granted approximately 48-72 business hours after completion of ALL EpicCare training. If, after this time has passed and you still do not have access, please do not call the help desk as they will not have record of your access being requested.  Epic access is requested via spreadsheet directly to the Epic Access Department.  Please direct any EpicCare access questions to Melanie Blehm, .



Your Omnicell access will not be requested until after you have completed both modules, as well as the exam in Compass. Once your access has been granted, you will receive an e-mail that will include your user name and it will direct you to an attestation where you will be asked if you have completed the modules.  Select yes, and then within 24 hours you will have access.

**Please note: If you are trying to 'sign' your attestation on a unit with others from your school, you will need to close the browser before the next person can sign the attestation.  A new browser window needs to be opened for each user; otherwise, you will not be able to move to the attestation question.


Tips to help you when you first log into Omnicell:

  • A current user MUST log in first to register a new user at the cabinet
  • The Arrow key MUST be pressed and held to form an uppercase character
  • You must press the FINISH key after you register a fingerprint.  If not, the fingerprint will NOT be saved.
  • Once you are finished fingerprinting and you press Finish, Exit and sign back in with your user ID and fingerprint to validate all has been saved.

 or 503-494-9809