Leadership Student Checklist

Listed below are all the required forms and processes you must review and/or fill out prior to the start of your clinical experience at OHSU.  Please closely follow the directions.  If you have any questions or concerns about the process or forms, please contact the OHSU Training Coordinator at (503) 418-3307.  We recommend you print this page to assist you in the student clinical placement process.


1-2 Weeks before your clinical placement start date:

    • Obtain your Background Check / Drug Screening verification on school letterhead. Check with your school for any questions.  
    • Ensure your Regional Nursing Network Clinical Passport is current.  You must bring this with you when you are on the unit.
    • Review the OHSU Emergency Codes.


ID Badge

You must complete the below modules before you can obtain your ID Badge. To access the OHSU online modules, go to Big Brain. For instructions on how to log in to Big Brain for the first time, please review the Account Access Guide. These trainings require sound - make sure you have speakers / headphones. 

    • Respect at the University
    • HIPAA-Privacy and You
    • Integrity Booster

Once completed, print the certificates - you will need these to get your ID badge.


When you are ready to get your ID badge, you will need to make sure that you have collected all the below documents:

    • Access & ID card Form: You will need to obtain a copy of this from Melanie Blehm in Sam Jackson Hall, Room 3255.  Please contact her to schedule a time to do so - blehm@ohsu.edu
    • Background check / Drug screening verification on school letterhead
    • Respect at the University Certificate of Completion
    • HIPPA-Privacy and You Certificate of Completion
    • Integrity Booster Certificate of Completion
    • Government-issued photo identification
    • $25.00 to pay for ID Card

The OHSU parking office is located at 3310 SW Veterans Hospital Road.  Go to OHSU Transportation & Parking for more information.



Contact OHSU Parking (503) 418-9949 or parking@ohsu.edu for instructions on where to buy a parking pass and park. Parking on the Marquam Hill campus is limited and closely monitored. DO NOT park in visitor parking areas - the fine is high!