Course Evaluations

Completing the course evaluations and teaching effectiveness evaluations is an important way for students to have input about the courses and faculty teaching them in your program. Your responses help, faculty administrators and curriculum committees review and make course changes, assist with faculty reviews, and raise broader curriculum issues about the nursing programs.

End of term course teaching effectiveness evaluations are open 7 days prior to the end of the term and 10 days after the end of the term. Refer to the official OHSU Academic calendar for exact dates.


Go to Online Course Evaluations

  1. Wait for an automatically generated email message from the Sakai system informing you that the quarterly course evaluation window is open.
  2. Click the links provided in the email message to begin each course evaluation.  You will be directed to a Sakai login screen before seeing each evaluation page.
  3. Alternatively you may access active evaluations in the Course Evaluation option in the My Workspace area of Sakai.


If you have any questions or issues with the course evaluations, please contact