RN to BS

The Baccalaureate Completion Program for RNs (RNBS) offers the OCNE curriculum as online courses to two types of RN students:

  • Associate Degree graduates of OCNE community colleges (also called "CC Transition" students) complete the 33 credits of senior level courses from the OCNE curriculum.  See Programs of Study for OCNE Associate Degree Graduates.
  • Associate Degree or Diploma graduates of non-OCNE schools (also called "Traditional" students) complete 6 credits of "transition" courses and then the 33 credits of senior level courses.  See Programs of Study for Traditional RNBS Students.

All students in the RNBS program must have an RN license.  Courses are offered online with occasional voice-to-voice webinars and a conference (1-2 day conference at the end of NRS 410).  Practicum courses take place as close to the student's home community as possible.  Students can do the program part-time or full-time, depending on what works best with their life and work situation.