Nurse midwifery-Class Data

  2010 2011 2012
Graduating class - FT
8 9 9
Graduating class - PT
2 0 0
Graduation rate
100% 100% 100%
Certification pass rate - 1st time
100% 89% 100%
Age range
27-38 27-38 28-42
Previous degrees
environmental studies, geography, biology, photography, nursing, medicine
International policy studies, biology, agriculture sustainability, women's studies, neurology, physiology, health promotion & health behavior
religion, nursing, community health, behavioral science, biology, spanish, foreign language, health & physical education
Languages spoken
Chinese, Spanish
Spanish, French, Russian, Dutch
Spanish, Hebrew, German, French
Geographic distribution
California, Arizona,
Oregon, Washington D.C., New Mexico, North Carolina, Montana, Idaho, Alaska, California, Washington
Illinois, Maryland
Travels Uganda, Zimbabwe, Peru, Guatemala, Indonesia
Guatemala, Mexico, New Zealand, South America, SE Asia, West Africa, Middle East, Europe, India
Mexico, Dominican Republic, New Zealand, Haiti, East Africa, Costa Rica, Namibia, Ecuador, Berlin
Research/Practice Improvement
Descriptive analysis of Oxytocin Augmentation in a Nurse-Midwife Faculty Practice
Gestational weight gain

Advanced Maternal Age and Increased Stillbirth Risk


Intrapartum Management of Latent Labor

Examining best practices for Active

Management during the third stage of labor


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