Kaori Donohue, C.R.N.A., M.S.N.

Kaori Donohue


PhD student, OHSU School of Nursing


Lives in: Beaverton, OR
Advisor: Kim Jones, F.N.P., Ph.D. (chair); Mary Karlet, C.R.N.A, Ph.D.; Scott Mist, Ph.D.; and  Michael Christopher Ph.D.



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Focus Areas

Graduate nursing education, student stress, mindfulness

Dissertation Topic

Mindfulness as a moderator of the relationship between cognitive appraisal and perceived stress in student nurse anesthetists

Funding Sources

As a 10-year service veteran with the US Public Health Service Commissioned Corps, my doctoral education is partly supported by the VA Post-9/11 GI Bill.

T-32 Pre-doctoral Training Award (2011-2012)


Yauger YJ, Bryngelson JA, Donohue K, et al. Patient outcomes comparing CRNA-administered peripheral nerve blocks and general anesthetics: a retrospective chart review in a US Army same-day surgery center. AANA J. 2010;78(3):215–220.

Professional Organizations

American Association of Nurse Anesthetists

Society for Simulation in Healthcare

Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing

Western Institute of Nursing

Conference attendance or participation as an OHSU Student:

2013 AANA Annual Meeting

14th International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare

6th Annual WISER Nursing Simulation Symposium

47th Annual Communicating Nursing Research Conference (WIN)

Personal Interests

I was born and grew up in Shizuoka, Japan, watching Japanese anime TV shows and reading manga books just like all my generation of Japanese kids did. I’ve moved a lot after my college: Tokyo, Okinawa, England (RAF Lakenheath), Alaska, Oklahoma, Navajo reservation, before settling in Beaverton, OR in 2012 to study full time for my PhD. I live with my husband of 19 years, Sean who is a USAF veteran, a retired show dog Shiba Inu, and the family of 3 Maine Coon cats. We enjoy RV traveling in our 42-ft motorhome with all our pets.