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Allison Lindauer


PhD student, OHSU School of Nursing


Lives in: Portland, OR

Advisor:  Terri Harvath, Ph.D., R.N., C.N.S.



Focus Areas:

Geriatrics, Caregiving, Vulnerable Populations

Dissertation Topic:

How does society address the caregiving needs of vulnerable populations?

Professional Organizations:

Oregon Geriatrics Society
Gerontological Society of America
Sigma Theta Tau

Conference Participation as an OHSU-SON student:

Western Institute of Nursing
Gerontological Society of America
Oregon Gerontological Society

Personal Interests:

I live in Portland with my husband, two children and two dogs.  I love to read, exercise and generally get outdoors.  I grew up in Northern California on a prune farm.  The farm and family is an important part of my life and I travel there often.  I have been an Nurse Practitioner since 1995 and am delighted to be pursuing my research in the area of gerontology.