Nurse Midwifery

The nurse-midwifery Doctor of Nursing Practice post-baccalaureate program teaches students to manage common gynecological problems, family planning, pregnancy, birth and the newborn period. Moreover, the program emphasizes the unique health care needs of women. The influences of family, culture and tradition, as well as social, economic and political forces serve as the context for our care of women, from menarche through menopause. The program strives to prepare compassionate, skilled clinician-scholars willing to address issues that affect the lives of women. Faculty members in the nurse-midwifery program have three priorities for their graduates: a scientific basis for clinical practice; clinical competence; and a perspective that views a woman in the context of her family and society.

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Prior Degree - must have, or will have, a B.S. with a major in nursing or B.S.N. degree from an accredited program

RN Status
Must be eligible for an Oregon registered nurse license prior to matriculation. Must be licensed in the state of Oregon prior to matriculation.

Work Experience - recommend one year of labor and delivery experience.
Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0

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