Nurse-Midwifery Summer Practicum

OHSU in the rain.
Thank you for your inquiry regarding the OHSU Summer Practicum. This practicum was developed for certified nurse-midwives who would like to update their antepartum and intrapartum skills in a supervised setting. The OHSU Nurse-Midwifery Program offers a unique opportunity for such midwives to obtain experience in an academic setting working with faculty midwives and patients of diverse ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Summer practicum students are offered the chance to take two twenty-four hour calls for births per week, as well as participate in an antepartum clinic once or twice a week. We are flexible with structuring the practicum based on the individual needs of the CNM. This is not a complete refresher and does not qualify as a refresher in the areas of newborn, gynecology, or primary care.

To Enroll

Please fill out and mail the application form and a one-page statement of your goals for attending the summer practicum to the included address. Please indicate whether you have a stronger need in the areas of antepartum, intrapartum or equally in both. Applications will be considered in the order in which they are received, so it's a good idea to attend to this quickly if you are interested in the program.


Requirements for admission are:
1) a completed application form and fee
2) three letters of recommendation
3) a copy of your ACNM or ACC certificate
4) an updated CV
5) evidence of appropriate immunization
6) a one-page statement of your goals for this practicum
7) Oregon RN and CNM licensure. Contact Oregon State Board of Nursing for fees and application process.


We will be inviting summer practicum students to work with us from early/mid August until the last week of September. We have found that the students who are the most satisfied with their time here have stayed with us at least four weeks. The first week or two are like any other job: getting to know the environment and people. Even the students who stayed with us six weeks last summer were asking at the end of their practicum if they could stay even a bit longer. Thus, be generous in the amount of time you set aside for this practicum. The application form has a section for indicating what weeks in the summer will work for you. Please be as specific as possible.

Fees & Certificate of Attendance

The cost of the practicum is $500 per week. You will be registered as a practicum student. There is no possibility for ACNM CEU for this practicum, because it does not reach beyond core competency. However, you will receive a certificate of attendance and a summary statement regarding your performance.


A number of houses and apartments are for rent by week or month in the area. The university web site may list housing opportunities also. We know several retired CNMs who frequently will rent rooms upon request.

Local Area & Parking

Portland is a beautiful, hilly city with mountains and ocean within an hour and a half drive in either direction. There is public transportation available up to OHSU (which is on top of a large hill inside city limits) or parking available if you have a car. Most students purchase a parking sticker good for one month (about $80). Parking is a challenge; however, having a car makes exploring the area's many delights an easy excursion.

I hope this information has been helpful to you. Please email me or page me at 503 494-8311, beeper 14837, if you have any further questions.

Sally Hersh, C.N.M., M.S.N.
Manager, OHSU Nurse-Midwifery Practice