Incorporation of Technology

In order to accomplish the goals of the I‐CAN project, the student care teams work with Apple iPads. The iPads, which are passcode-protected, connect to either a wireless internet network or the Verizon cellular data network. The student care teams use the iPads in three unique ways:

  • The student care teams are able to access data collection materials stored in a password‐protected directory on OHSU’s secure server. Students are able to view referral information from the referring NCAPP project partner, and complete data collection instruments directly in the files on the server. This means no client data is stored on the iPads. Not only does this process streamline data collection and data analysis, it provides a high level of safeguarding for protected health information.

  • Additionally, students are able to teleconference with OHSU’s Interpretive Services Center using the iPads, allowing them to have an interpreter present during meetings. This saves thousands of dollars in travel costs, and – by using interpreters from outside of local, tight‐knit ethnic groups – we can preserve client confidentiality.

  • Lastly, the iPads contain health literacy materials, such as informational and instructional videos and articles. The health literacy materials, such as information about managing diabetes or navigating the OHP application process, are often developed by students, and have been translated into multiple languages to make them versatile education instruments for all clients.

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