Kerri M. Winters-Stone, Ph.D.

Kerrie Winters-Stone
Research Professor
Oregon Health & Science University
School of Nursing Portland Campus
3455 SW US Veterans Road., SN-ORD
Portland, Ore. 97239

Phone: 503 494-0813
FAX: 503 418-0903

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My expertise and research focus centers on the use of physical activity to prevent and manage chronic disease. The foundation for my work has focused on improving bone health and reducing the fracture risk across the lifespan by developing specific exercise programs. Recently, I have been conducting research aimed to reduce fracture risk, improve physical functioning and promote better health among people treated for cancer. My studies have shown that cancer survivors can benefit from exercise that reverses treatment-related side effects and symptoms. That work has evolved to include two new foci – one focus that investigates the reasons why cancer treatment could increase fall risk and functional decline in people with cancer and using that information to test targeted fall prevention exercise programs and a second focus that investigates an additional benefit of exercise to reduce the risk of cancer recurrence through a collaborative investigation of cancer biomarkers. Since exercise is known to have both physical and emotional benefits we are also considering a larger set of outcomes from our exercise work. We have recently expanded our exercise studies to target both the patient and family members that are affected by cancer. Specifically we investigated how couples coping with prostate cancer (patient + spouse) may benefit from exercising together. My work benefits greatly from multi-disciplinary collaborations with investigators both inside and outside the School of Nursing. Our team includes experts in gerontology, symptom management, molecular biology, surgical and medical oncology, biomedical engineering, neurology, psychology and behavioral sciences. Ultimately the goal of my work is to develop safe, targeted and effective exercise programs that translate well to community settings and clinical practice so that people can make positive lifestyle choices for better long-term health.

Biographical Sketch

Survivorship research


PhD in Human Peformance Oregon State University
MS in Exercise Science UC Davis
BS in Physical Education UC Davis


N631 Nursing Science Focus Area (Course Co-Coordinator)


exercise for the prevention and management of chronic disease; fall and fracture prevention; cancer survivorship; health behaviors in families

Practice Activities

Community exercise program for cancer survivors

Service activities

Knight Cancer Institute Program leader for Cancer Prevention and Control
OHSU SON Integrative Review Benchmark subcommittee (member)
OHSU SON Competitive Research Proposal Benchmark subcommittee (Chair)


2012-17: Preventing falls after cancer: strength training vs. tai chi
NIH/NCI 1 R01 CA163474-01 (PI)

2012-14: Influence of exercise and adiposity on biomarkers of breast cancer recurrence
NIH/NCI 1 R21 CA164661-01 (Co-PI)

2010-15:  Mechanisms of cancer-related fatigue
NIH/NINR 5R01NR012479-02  (Co-I)

2010-12: Exercise information for women with cancer OHSU Knight Cancer Institute (PI)

2010-12: Comparison of physical function between breast cancer survivors and cancer-free controls.
John C. Erkkila Foundation (PI)

2007-12: Comparison of Aerobic and Resistance Exercise in Older Breast Cancer Survivors. NIH/NCI 1R01 CA120123-011

2009-11: Exercising Together: An intervention for men with prostate cancer and their spouses. (PI)
NIH/NCI 1R21 CA137272-01


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