Cynthia Perry, Ph.D., F.N.P.-B.C.

Cindy Perry

Program Director, Family Nurse Practitioner Program & Associate Professor
Oregon Health & Science University
School of Nursing Portland Campus
3455 SW US Veterans Road, SN-5N
Portland, Ore. 97239

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BA - Anthropology Northwestern University
MSN - Yale School of Nursing
PhD - Oregon Health & Science University


My research focuses on physical activity promotion as an avenue to addressing health disparities. Other areas of research interests are childhood obesity and built and social cultural environment and its influences on physical activity. I use community-based participatory research approach in my research. Currently I am working with a rural predominantly Latino community on an obesity prevention research project.

Research Funding

NIH/NIMHD R24MD008068-01 Collaboration for a Healthy Community 4/2013 - 12/2015


I have practiced as a family nurse in a variety of settings, including rural health. Currently, I practice per diem with Planned Parenthood.


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