Kathlynn S. Northrup-Snyder, R.N., Ph.D.

Kathlynn NS

Assistant Professor
Oregon Health & Science University
School of Nursing Portland Campus
3455 SW US Veterans Road, SN-5N
Portland, Ore. 97239
Phone: 503 930-5097
Fax: 503 494-4350
E-mail: northrup@ohsu.edu


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Kathlynn Northrup-Snyder provides nursing education in the R.N. to B.S. program at OHSU and has taught in the graduate program.   She is part of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers and is passionate about teaching Motivational Interviewing and facilitating effective behavior change for clients.  Her expertise in public/community health and health promotion facilitates online and classroom learning experiences that have practical value.

As a consultant, Dr. Northrup-Snyder has a distinctive ability to target programs to individual groups, health care professionals, teachers, and organizations/communities. Her programs are designed to translate lifestyle issues, health promotion concepts, and behavior change practice into useful and effective action. By providing concrete and effective tools to maximize client-provider interactions, to improve health concepts in schools, and address personal health needs, staggering health issues can be effectively reduced. Kathlynn connects with her audience in any setting because her background as faculty & presenter and her passion for health promotion produces a quality speaker on a range of topics. Kathlynn’s clinical nurse specialist practice enhances her ability to visualize and shift between details and the larger picture. Additionally,  her expertise in community health, health promotion and research guarantees a consultant who will facilitate health promotion approaches for your organization/community.


2002 Ph.D. Major: Public Health - Oregon State University

1994 M.S.N. Major: Community Health CNS - University of Alabama at Birmingham

1980 B.S.N. - Idaho State University


“Qualitative Analysis of Student Narratives Regarding the Role of Public/Community Health Nursing”. A look at nursing perceptions of the role and concepts associated with public/community health nursing. (2008-2009).

“Shabby chic: Are home decorating trends increasing the risk of childhood lead poisoning?” A qualitative (lead swabs) test of decorator objects found in antique stores in the US and assessment of media presentation of these lead hazard objects. (2005)

“The Physical Activity Tool for the Interactivity Healthy Eating Index.” A pilot study on a web-based tool to measure physical activity in association with the United States Department of Agriculture. (Spring 2003).

“Factors Influencing Women’s Enrollment in Cardiac Rehabilitation: Patient and Caregiver Perspectives” Dissertation. Qualitative study on post-cardiac women and their support persons and their experience with cardiac rehabilitation choices and the cardiac recovery experience. (May, 2002)


"Motivational Interviewing, Behavior & Change: An Introduction to Magic!".  Northrup-Snyder, K. Invited speaker Healthy Alive Douglas County at Umpqua Community College  for the Motivational Interviewing for Beginners Workshop (April 17, 2009).

“Motivational Interviewing: An Overview.” Northrup-Snyder, K. Invited speaker Portland Community College School of Nursing Student Nurses Association (Jan 2009).

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“Panel on Online Teaching”. One of several invited panel speakers on the different teaching techniques available for online experiences. Presented at the Northwest Education Institute at Oregon Health Sciences University School of Nursing, (June 24, 2003).


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