Joanne Noone, Ph.D., R.N., C.N.E.

Joanne Noone

Campus Associate Dean, Ashland Campus
Oregon Health & Science University
School of Nursing Ashland Campus
1250 Siskiyou Blvd., SN-SOU
Ashland, Ore. 97520
Phone: 541 552-8453
Fax: 541 552-8208


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My research, community involvement and clinical practice revolve around health equity. I am on the Steering Committee of Southern Oregon Regional Health Equity Coalition funded by Oregon Health Authority. My role as an academic researcher is to complete secondary data analysis and health equity reports to understand health disparities in southern Oregon. I completed focus groups with community partners on "Stories of Health", a multicultural story-telling approach, to learn from community residents, particularly those from groups that are experiencing health disparities, their perspective on what contributes to their health. We are currently funded to complete "The Life, Love and Health Study: A Latino Sexual Health Assessment", to assess knowledge, needs, and barriers to accessing reproductive and sexual health services among Latino adults in Jackson County, Oregon

I am also project manager of Advancing Health Equity through Student Empowerment &Professional Success (HealthE STEPS), funded by Health Resources &Services Administration Nursing Workforce Diversity grant.

My nursing practice in nursing education has been focused on improving care for diverse communities through the development of a nursing workforce prepared to care for an underserved population. My research focus involves community based participatory research focused on addressing health equity in my areas of expertise –rural and Latino health.


University of Hawaii, Ph.D.


I teach in the undergraduate program in Ashland and the Master's in Nursing Education program.


Oregon Public Health Advisory Board
Oregon Center for Nursing Workforce Diversity Steering Committee


Health Disparities
Unintended Pregnancy
Parent-Child Communication
Simulation in Nursing Education


SON Faculty Affairs Committee, Chair
Western Institute of Nursing, Governor of Nursing Education
Oregon Nurses Association Cabinet on Nursing Education
Oregon State Board of Nursing Educational Advisory Group
Oregon Health Authority Office of Equity and Inclusion Community Advisory Council
Jackson County Public Health Advisory Board

Practice Activities

Inaugural Faculty Policy Intensive Cohort, American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2013


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