Ann E. Nielsen, Ph.D., R.N.

Ann Nielsen

Assistant Professor & Program Director for Portland UG
Oregon Health & Science University
School of Nursing Portland Campus
3455 SW US Veterans Road, SN-4S
Portland, Ore. 97239
Phone: 503 494-1649
Fax: 503 494-4678

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Ann Nielsen has been on faculty at the School of Nursing, Portland Campus, since 2001. She is the Director of the Undergraduate Program on the Portland Campus. Her clinical and teaching focus includes neonatal, pediatric, and perinatal nursing care. Academic interests include curricular and clinical design, concept-based learning in the clinical environment, use of reflection in student learning, and educational assessment and evaluation.


2013 PhD in Nursing Education, currently a PhD candidate, University of Northern Colorado -Greeley, Colorado

2001 Masters of Nursing in the Community, Washington State University - Vancouver, Wash.

1990 Bachelor of Science in Nursing, with highest honors, Oregon Health Sciences University -Portland, Ore.


Integrative Practicum
Leadership in Healthcare Systems
Pediatrics and perinatal specialty content in various undergraduate courses

Community Service

OHSU Interprofessional Education Intermediate Curriculum Development Workgroup 2013- present

OHSU School of Nursing Leadership Council 2012- present

OHSU School of Nursing Academic Operations Committee, 2012- present

OHSU School of Nursing Statewide Undergraduate Leadership Group, 2009-present

Health of Women and Children Integrate Learning Community Chairperson, 2010-2012

OHSU School of Nursing Baccalaureate Curriculum Committee, 2006-2009. 2008-09- Chairperson.

OHSU Hospitals and Clinics Nursing Research Council- member, 2006-2010.

OHSU- Faculty Governance Task Force, 2005-06. Participated in development of faculty governance structure for School of Nursing.

OHSU Alliance for Evidence Based Practice- a joint effort of School of Nursing Faculty and advance prepared nurses, in OHSU Hospitals and Clinics to promote Evidence Based Practice, 2004- 2007.

Statewide Academic

Oregon Consortium for Nursing Education(OCNE) Statewide Coordinating Council- representative of Portland campus, 2009- present

OCNE Statewide Curriculum Committee (OCNE)- member, 2008-09

OCNE Clinical Education Design Group-, 2006-08. Participated in development of a comprehensive new model for clinical education in Oregon with nursing administrators, staff nurses, and other nurse educators from all regions of the state

OCNE Specialty Module Development Group, 2006- 2008- Designed modules to provide theoretical support for student clinical study of care of children in the community during their Integrative Practicum experience.

OCNE Committee for Pediatrics in the curriculum., 2005- 2006.

OCNE Curriculum design committees, 2003- 2006.



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