Renee Menkens

Renee Menkens
Oregon Health & Science University
School of Nursing Portland Campus
3455 SW US Veterans Hospital Road, SN-ORD
Portland, Ore. 97239


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Renee' Menkens received her AD degree from Southwestern Oregon Commuity College and her BS degree from Southern Oregon State College. She received her MS degree in Community Health Care Systems and her Post Master's Certificate in Nursing Education from OHSU School of Nursing. Ms. Menkens has been a faculty at OHSU in the RNBS Completion Program for four years. She worked at Southwestern Oregon Community College as an Assistant Professor for seven years and then became a full time instructor in the RNBS Completion Program in the summer of 2012. Ms. Menkens teaches in NRS427 Practice Integration and in NRS426A Integrative Practicum courses and has taught in the NRS424I and NRS425I specialty courses and NRS412 Leadership and Outcomes Management. Ms. Menkens continues to be an active member of the Oregon Consortium for Nursing Education and currently serves as Co-Chair for the Curriculum Committee. Ms. Menkens lives in Coos Bay, Oregon and is an active member in her community. She volunteers as board secretary for the Coos County Friends of Public Health and is a Medical Reserve Corp volunteer. She is completing a Leadership Coos course this year to better understand the economic and health care issues in Coos County Oregon. Ms. Menkens is passionate about improving the health of Oregon citizens and the residents of Coos County. She practices as an on-call RN staff nurse at the local hospital in their Behavioral Health Unit.

Education/Degree Awarded/Institution: 

MS, OHSU School of Nursing, Portland, Or.


RNBS Completion Program:
NRS427 Practice Integration
NRS426A Integrative Practicum

Practice Activities:

On-Call RN at Bay Area Hospital Behavioral Health Unit

Service Activities

Secretary, Coos County Friends of Public Health
Volunteer, Medical Reserve Corp


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