Lissi Hansen, Ph.D., R.N.

Lissi Hansen

Associate Professor
Oregon Health & Science University
School of Nursing Portland Campus
3455 SW US Veterans Hospital Road, SN-6S
Portland, Ore. 97239
Phone: 503 418-3357
Fax: 503 449-7783

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My main research interest focuses on end-of-life and palliative care in adults and older adults with end-stage liver disease patients and their families in particular. My prior research has looked at the strain family members experience when making life sustaining treatment decisions for an older adult, the process over time of making life sustaining treatment decisions from patients’, family members’, and health care professionals’ perspective, and pain and other symptoms experienced by patients with end-stage liver disease at the end of life. This work has evolved into two other areas of research a) symptoms and quality of life in patients with liver cancer and b) specific contributions to palliative care by intensive care unit nurses in the context of interdisciplinary intensive care practice. My work is multidisciplinary and includes expert collaborators from nursing, medicine, psychology, and medical anthropology. These collaborators come from OHSU and other health care systems (Portland Veteran Affairs Medical Center and Kaiser Permanente Northwest). The goal of my research is to develop cost effective interventions to improve end of life and palliative care provided to adults and older adults and their families across health care settings.


2003     John A. Hartford Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship, School of Nursing, University of Washington                               

2001     PhD, Nursing,  School of Nursing, Oregon Health & Science University

1996     MS, Nursing, School of Nursing, Oregon Health & Science University                             

1994     BSN, Nursing, Washington State University,

1982     RN, Sankt Lukas Stiftelsen’s School of Nursing, Hellerup, Denmark.


N321, N322, NRS 331, NRS 332 End-of Life and Palliative Care Content
N612 State of Nursing Science in Clinical Specialties
N620 Ethics in the Conduct of Research
N622 Influential Programs of Nursing Research
N631 Nursing Science Focus Area (Course Co-Coordinator)

Funded Research

Symptoms and Quality of Life in Patients with Liver Cancer. American Cancer Society, 7/1/10 – 6/30/13 (PI)

Service activities

OHSU SON Research Council, Chair
OHSU Hospital Nursing Research Council

Publications (selected)

Taylor-Young, P., Miller, D., Ganzini, L., Golden, S. & Hansen, L. Feasibility and Acceptability of Group Acupuncture in Veterans with Hepatitis C: A Pilot Study. Journal of Medical Acupuncture (in-press).

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