The OHSU Hartford Center of Geriatric Nursing Excellence

Funded by The John A. Hartford Foundation

As part of  the Hartford Geriatric Nursing Initiative (HGNI)

B.S. to Ph.D. Program  

The U.S. population is aging dramatically. We are faced with a severe shortage of Ph.D. prepared faculty who can teach gerontological nursing and conduct the research needed to establish best practices in the care of older adults. To meet this shortage, our brightest nurses must be supported in becoming gerontological nursing leaders early in their careers.

In 2001, the John A. Hartford Foundation recognized the OHSU School of Nursing for its leadership and long-term commitment to improving the health and health care of older adults and selected the School of Nursing as one of five Centers of Geriatric Nursing Excellence (CGNE) in the United States. As part of the mission to grow the population of Ph.D. prepared gerontological nursing faculty, the CGNE program provides financial support and mentorship for doctoral study by nurses committed to a teaching or research career in gerontological nursing.

Support for students

  • A scholarship of $7,500 for the first year of graduate education. 
  • A Hartford Center of Geriatric Nursing faculty mentor to provide individual guidance and support throughout your program of study. 
  • Funding support to attend the national meeting of the Gerontological Society of American during your first year of graduate education. 

Scholarship Eligibility

  • B.S.N. graduate. 
  • Demonstrated commitment to a teaching and research career in gerontological nursing. 
  • Accepted into the OHSU School of Nursing Post Baccalaurete to Ph.D. program for nurses.

To Apply

  • Complete the application for the OHSU School of Nursing Post Baccalaurete to Ph.D. program (indicate your interest in the Hartford scholarship on the application in the space provided.) Applications are online only from OHSU School of Nursing website 
  • In the required essays, describe your interest in gerontological nursing, what you hope to achieve in the program, and your goals following completion of the Ph.D. 
  • Submit all other materials as required for the Post Baccalaurete to Ph.D. Program application by December 1st

Selected Faculty Research Interests (selected)

  • Juliana Cartwright, Ph.D., R.N., End-of-life care in assisted living settings
  • Lissi Hansen, Ph.D., R.N., End-of-life decision making across settings
  • Theresa Harvath, Ph.D., R.N., CNS, Care of older adults with dementia and their family caregivers. 
  • Susan Hickman, Ph.D., End-of-life care; nursing facilities; clinical and research ethics.
  • Karen Lyons, Ph.D., The family care dyad: Relationships, incongruence and well-being. 
  • Glenise McKenzie, Ph.D. R.N., Occupational health of direct care workers; work organization & training interventions. 
  • Lois Miller, Ph.D., R.N., End-of-life care & pain management; pain & dementia care 
  • Kerri Winters-Stone, Ph.D., Physical activity for prevention and management of chronic disease; focus on cancer survivorship and osteoporosis prevention. 

Hartford Post Baccalaurete to Ph.D. scholarship recipient research interests

  • Elizabeth Caley, Community Health and Health Policy. 
  • Colleen Casey, The impact of critical care environment on care outcomes for older adults in critical care settings.
  • Daksha Mankaney, Ethical decision making at end of life. 
  • Casey Mayo Shillam, Chronic pain in community dwelling older adults. 
  • Rebecca Scobee, End-of-life care and dementia. 
  • Kristen Swafford, direct caregiver's role in promoting individualized care for persons with dementia residing in nursing homes. 
  • Allison Terwilliger, End-of-life care and end-of-life decision making. 
  • Miriam Volpin, Family caregivers and end-of-life dementia care; Aging in underrepresented minorities.
  • Yi Yan, Critical care and end of life.

For Information Contact Juliana Cartwright, Ph.D., R.N., Program Director
541 552-6703 or email at