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Each of our programs has a number of eligibility criteria, from prerequisite coursework that has to be completed prior to matriculation into the programs, to GPA requirements, GRE scores and letters of reference for the graduate programs. Additionally, every application requires specific materials, such as official transcripts from all institutions attended, application fee, signature page, essay(s), prerequisite coursework forms and more, depending on the program. Here you will find the admission requirements specific to every program of study.

Course Equivalency Guides

The School of Nursing Admissions Office has created two state equivalency guides to assist students in their prerequisite planning. The Oregon and Washington equivalency guides list the state institutions (i.e. community colleges and state universities) within each state and the courses offered that meet the School of Nursing's corresponding prerequisite requirements. Private institutions are not listed.

It is important to remember these are only guides. We strive to maintain current information, however course descriptions do change without notice. Students are encouraged to consult the catalog course descriptions in addition to the guides to ensure proper subject coverage.

Oregon Equivalency Guide

Oregon 2009-2014 Equivalency Guide

Washington Equivalency Guide

Washington 2009-2014 Equivalency Guide