OCNE B.S. Degree Prerequisite Coursework and GPA Calculation Form Instructions

Please use the prerequisite coursework form to list your 45 quarter credit hours of prerequisite courses for applying to the OCNE B.S. degree. You will be responsible for inputting your course, grade, hours, and institution for each of the required prerequisites. The Office of Admissions will compute all the calculations, including translating your courses into quarter credit hours if you took courses in semester credit hours. Your prerequisite GPA will be used to evaluate your application. Please select the coursework that best fits each required category. You are responsible for completing this form accurately and honestly.

1. The form is a writeable PDF. Please fill out by typing your information, save and upload to your Nursing CAS account under the document upload section. You CANNOT save this form or access your form after you click "submit" in your online application.

2. Complete the form on a PC, not an Apple computer/Mac. The form will NOT format correctly and is not legible if completed on a Mac. 3. Fill out the required fields on the form by typing the required information in the appropriate fields.

  • Write in the course number and name/title in the "Course Number & Title" column for each class you have taken to meet the prerequisites. If you have not yet completed the course, you should indicate this by putting the course title in parentheses. In addition, please indicate the term in which you plan to complete the course ("spring" or "summer").
  • Be sure to note on the form whether your institutions operate on the quarter or semester system (type "Q" or "S").
  • Include course descriptions for ALL prerequisite courses you are planning to use. These descriptions should come from the institution's academic catalog for the year and semester/quarter that the courses were taken. Please include these descriptions on a separate piece of paper.
  • Write in the numeric grade you received in the "Grade Received" column for each class you have taken to meet the prerequisites. The grade should be entered in points based upon your school's system of assigning GPA points. Many schools operate on the below scale, but be sure to review the back of your transcript for this information. Do NOT write in an anticipated grade for an in progress class or a grade that does not appear on your official transcript.
If your grade is: Grade point to enter:
A 4.00
 A- 3.70
  B+ 3.30
B 3.00
 B- 2.70
  C+ 2.30
C 2.00
 C- 1.70