OHSU School of Nursing at a Glance

As the state of Oregon’s only health and research university, OHSU is a unique resource for Oregonians and the place where healing, teaching and discovery come together to serve the entire state. We train the health care professionals that Oregon communities need. We provide care to those with the most difficult health challenges. And our faculty works every day to come up with new discoveries that help save lives.

The School of Nursing reaches across the state, covering all 96,000 square miles of Oregon and beyond. We currently have five physical campuses in Oregon and our virtual campus extends beyond the state boundaries enrolling students across the nation and across the world! Whether you are looking for a traditional classroom experience or enjoy the flexibility of online learning, the OHSU School of Nursing offers a variety of programs to fit your individual needs.

Learn more about the School of Nursing and our students in the OHSU Factbook.

The School of Nursing at OHSU has appeared in the U.S. News and World Reports top ten list for over 10 years. Currently the School of Nursing 7th overall with several of our specialties receiving high marks as well.

4th Nurse Practitioner: Geriatric
6th Nurse Practitioner: Family
13th Nurse Practitioner: Adult
32nd Nurse Anesthesia

Future of Nursing Report released in 2010.  Read the full report.

School of Nursing Marks of Distinction

  • The SoN developed the HEALTH NETWORK FOR RURAL SCHOOLS IN UNION COUNTY, a program in which 5 school districts share a team of health professionals who deliver primary and preventive health care services on a rotating basis to 2,000 children and their families. This new model is being evaluated closely by the State of Oregon Department of Education to determine its potential to be replicated in other rural areas.
  • The SoN’s ONLINE DEGREE PROGRAMS make it possible for nurses in rural Oregon to advance their degrees while continuing to work at home where they are needed.
  • The SoN is OREGON’S PRIMARY PROVIDER OF NURSE PRACTIONERS who provide cost-effective primary care often in underserved areas.
  • A key member of the School’s faculty led the FIRST COMPREHENSIVE ASSESSMENT AND DOCUMENTATION OF THE NURSING SHORTAGE IN OREGON. “Oregon’s Nursing Shortage: A Public Health Crisis in the Making” was published by the Northwest Health Foundation.