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Applying to OHSU School of Nursing:

As part of your application you will need to submit both a Nursing CAS application as well as an OHSU supplemental application by the application deadline.


STEP 1: Set up a NursingCAS account and start your application for the program/campus to which you are applying. **MPH/GCPH applicants please see note below.


STEP 2: Complete the OHSU supplemental application for the program/campus to which you are applying. 

STEP 3:Upload all required items into your Nursing CAS account and submit both your Nursing CAS and OHSU Supplemental applications.


  • The OHSU School of Nursing uses an independent organization that processes applications for OHSU called the Nursing Centralized Application Service or Nursing CAS.
  • All students applying to any of the OHSU Nursing programs must submit an application through Nursing CAS by the identified deadline. 
  • The NCAS application fee is $45.00.
  • All students applying to any of the OHSU Nursing programs must submit an OHSU supplemental application through OHSU's online application system.
  • The supplemental application fee is $75.00. **MPH/GCPH applicants please see note below.
  • Your OHSU supplemental application must be submitted by the identified deadline. 

1.To start your supplemental application. Go to the online application start page

2.Select "First Time User Account Information".

3.Create a log in ID and password that you will remember. We recommend you write this information on a piece of paper that you can save for your records.

4.Select the appropriate application type from the drop down menu, and follow the instructions to complete all the sections of the application.

All application materials (will vary by program) must be received by Nursing CAS by the designated application deadline in order to have your application considered.

  • The application review process will take approximately 3-4 months to complete.
  • Nursing CAS will not forward incomplete files for review. Please make sure to check your Nursing CAS account to ensure that you have provided all required materials.


**MPH and GCPH need to complete a SOPHAS application in place of an Nursing CAS application. Please see the programs page for detailed application instructions. The OHSU supplemental application fee will be waived for MPH and GCPH applicants.

General materials you may need to submit as part of your Nursing CAS Application (review your program specific instructions to see which items are applicable to your application):

  • If your program requires an essay response as part of your application, you will be able to find the essay question(s) for your program hereComplete the essay question and cut and paste your essay response to your Nursing CAS application.
  • If you are asked to submit letters of reference as part of your application, you will be able to send the electronic reference form from your Nursing CAS account.
  • If you are asked to submit a resume or vitae as part of your application, please PDF these items and upload them to your Nursing CAS account.
  • All applicants must submit official transcripts from ALL institutions that you have ever attended as part of your application. Follow the instructions provided in your Nursing CAS application to submit your official transcripts directly to Nursing CAS.
  • You may need to submit additional items.Please review the international applicant page as well as your specific application instructions to see the specific items that must be completed as part of your application.

Questions? Contact our Admissions Counselors at 

OHSU is an equal opportunity, affirmative action institution.


E-mail the Admissions office at proginfo@ohsu.edu.

Essay Questions

If the program you are applying to requires an essay response, you will find the essay prompt here.

Program Specific Instructions

Click here for program specific application instructions.